Briana DeJesus has been making headlines for months now. From her failed relationship with Javi Marroquin to her post-surgery photos, everyone has questions for the “Teen Mom 2” star. She gets a lot of pushback on social media. DeJesus knows that comes with the territory, but she hasn't stayed silent when someone says something she doesn't like. In fact, she has been pretty vocal about things in recent weeks.

Briana DeJesus speaks out

In an Exclusive statement to Blasting News, Briana DeJesus is talking about the people who are accusing her of being an attention-seeking.

The “Teen Mom 2” star said; “I'm on a show that's watched by millions, and I frequently have reporters ask me questions and if I share it, I'm sharing stories with interviews I've done with my fans. This isn't "Attention Seeking"- It's called being in the public eye and sharing things my fans and followers want to see. Same with the post-surgery photos like I said on Twitter. People ask me to see them. That's not attention seeking. If you don't like me feel free to hit the unfollow button or keep on scrolling. Your negativity has no effect on me and I'm here enjoying and living my life while you're sitting behind a keyboard clearly way too focused on bashing mine."

There was some pushback when Briana DeJesus released a statement on the firing of David Eason.

She is friends with Jenelle Evans. What she said was enough to support her friend but also let the network and fans know that she does not share the same beliefs as Eason. DeJesus was not the only “Teen Mom 2” cast member to release a statement either. Both Kailyn Lowry and Javi DeJesus did as well. Other cast members just commented on Twitter.

New season confirmed filming

It looks like there are another six weeks or so of filming left. Briana DeJesus was added to the cast last year, and now, there may be more time to focus on her story. She had her relationship with Javi Marroquin happening, the plastic surgery with Dr. Miami, and plenty of other things happening that will make for good television.

Living your life in front of the public eye isn't easy. Fortunately, Briana DeJesus is mature enough to know what is happening and how to handle the push back. She has fans who follow her every move, and some of them aren't genuine. DeJesus is back in the spotlight, and she is ready to take everything head on. There is plenty to catch up on since last season, and fans are excited to see what Briana has been up to with her girls.