"A Letter of Love" is available for pre-order now from 13th and Joan. The official release date for Kailyn Lowry's latest book is on April 21, which also happens to be the date of her first book signing too. With all the excitement and hype surrounding Kail's latest book, some "Teen Mom 2" fans may be wondering how the fathers of her children are going to react. Kail also seems to have given some thought to their possible reactions and has exclusively shared what she thinks may happen with Blasting News.

About Jo and Javi

So far, Javi Marroquin has been very supportive of Kail Lowry in everything that she does.

Even with her upcoming book release, he's been retweeting for her and the two have gone back and forth as he teased her playfully about promoting the book. Even after it comes out, Javi will likely continue to support his ex-wife and to help her promote "A letter of love."

As for Jo Rivera, the drama between Kail and Lincoln's father is minimal. She's probably right that Jo will be supportive. Whether or not he'll read her book is still up in the air, but Kail seems to think neither Jo or Javi will be interested in reading what she actually said.

"I think Jo and Javi will be supportive... probably won't read it," Kailyn said about her exes.

Chris Lopez may be another story

Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez don't share the same kind of relationship that she has with Javi Marroquin or Jo Rivera.

As a matter of fact, she shared with us that lately, they don't have a relationship at all. As for whether or not Chris will read the book, if he does, it clearly won't be in an effort to support the mother of his child.

"I'm not sure if Chris will read it," Kailyn said of her soon-to-be-released book. "I'm sure he will want to know what I say about him.

But who really knows Chris and I haven't spoke in so long."

Kail also makes it clear that there probably will be some information in the book "A Letter of Love" that Chris Lopez may not want to read. After all, the whole book was planned to be for Lux when she started it. Kail's motivation was to address all of her feelings, good and bad, surrounding the conception and birth of her third son.

"Because this book started out as an apology letter to Lux, I have a lot of different things to say in his chapter," Kail explained. "I won't and don't bash his dad, but I have a lot to get off my chest. Things I want Lux to know and see. Chris isn't getting his own chapter, he doesn't deserve that energy from me anymore. But there will be things about him in my book. Things he may appreciate and things he might not like. But I'm being true to my story and what I want for our son."

Once "A Letter of Love" is published and everyone gets a chance to read it, it will be interesting to see how all three of Kailyn Lowry's exes feel about what she has to say.