As if Kail Lowry wasn't already busy enough, the single mom of three just revealed another book that's sure to be a best-seller. On Valentine's Day, Kail took to Instagram and announced that her new book, "A Letter of Love" is now available for pre-sale and to make things even sweeter, it won't be long before Kail sets off on a book signing tour.

As Kail says in her promotion of her new book, "I'm celebrating love more ways than one." Clearly she knows that a mother's love is the best love and this upcoming release has been dedicated to her boys.

What a perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

'A Letter of Love'

Kailyn Lowry's fourth book is sure to be loved by many of her fans. When announcing the pre-sale for the book, Kail said, "Any & all moms will be able to relate to this. From the hardest of times to the happiest of days, it’s in here. Single moms, working moms, married, everyone "

Initially, Kailyn started writing the book as an apology to her third son, Lux Russell. The details surrounding his conception and birth were drama-filled. There are clearly still issues to be worked out between Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez, Lux's father.

“The book was an apology letter to Lux for basically the mess he was born into and how bad I feel," Kailyn told Radar Online.

"But now it’s to all three of them."

It sounds like, especially recently, Kailyn has been doing a lot of growing. Her new book sounds like a true love letter and fans can't wait to read it.

A new book tour too

With Kailyn Lowry's new book coming out, there will also be a book tour. Just last week, Kailyn teased that she would be doing as much.

However, the first date was also revealed along with the pre-order announcement on Kailyn Lowry's Instagram.

"Teen Mom 2" fans across the county will get a chance to meet Kail and get her to autograph a copy of her book as she works her way across the US as she promotes "A Letter of Love." The first stop will be at the Los Angeles Book Festival on April 21.

Already established as a New York Times best-seller, this is Kail's fourth book to be published. Each of her releases has given "Teen Mom 2" fans a closer look at the reality star's life. "A Letter of Love" doesn't look to be any different and will let fans in even further. While the whole thing started out as an apology to her third son and then morphed into a letter to all of her sons, it also allows those who follow Kail's life, both on-screen and off, to see how she really feels about her sons, her exes and the events that led her to this point in her life.

If you haven't ordered Kailyn Lowry's new book yet, be sure to get on the list and make sure to be there when the "Teen Mom 2" star is signing copies in a city near you.