Kailyn Lowry is a busy mom. Aside from filming “Teen Mom 2,” she has been working on a book. Well, that book is now available for pre-order and will jump-start a book tour with signings around the country. Lowry has been making headlines for nearly a decade. Some of her decisions have blown up in her face while everyone is watching, but she continues to move on. Kailyn revealed that living in the public eye has taken a toll on her, but she isn't ready to give it up just yet.

The book

While there had been some rumors about what the title of the new book would be, it is officially called “A Letter of Love.” This was something Kailyn Lowry began as a letter to Lux.

Despite being a television personality who can sometimes seem invincible, the mother of three does take comments to heart. There were a lot of negative things said about her pregnancy with Lux, and she wasn't feeling all that great about things either. Something in her said she needed to write it out, and now, there is a new book on the way.

In an exclusive statement to Blasting News, Kailyn Lowry revealed the journey she took when writing her newest book. She said; “So it started as an apology letter to Lux, and how I f*cked up bringing him into a messy situation. But it also talks about how much I loved him and what I hope for him in life.” Lowry went on to explain; “When I was writing there were a lot of the same feelings about the other two and then there were very different emotions too, so I decided to write to them too.” Kailyn also points out; “The crazy thing is that every mom will be able to relate to my book in some way.

Because, although it's not ideal, I've been the young mom in a young and toxic relationship. I've been the married, happy mom... at times... but I've also been the married mom who felt single at times. And then I am the single mom now who is trying to pick up the pieces and pour myself into my kids. There are really funny parts too, and those one-liners my kids say and I'm laughing until I cry.

So I hope everyone loves it.”

Busy couple of months

The next few months are going to be busy for the reality star. She will be embarking on her book tour as well as watching the new season of “Teen Mom 2” air. There will be plenty of commitments for Kailyn Lowry, but all of them will be worth it. Now that the pre-order is available for “A Letter of Love,” you can get your copy here. This will be one that will make you laugh and cry, definitely something that every mom can relate to feeling at one point or another.