The latest episode of "Teen Mom OG" was pretty heavy. In it, we saw Tyler Baltierra taking his dad back to rehab, where he'll receive help for the next six months. With both Catelynn Lowell and Butch now seeking treatment, Tyler has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders as he deals with his daughter Novalee, the Baltierra household, and the family business, Tierra Reign.

Tyler says goodbye to his dad

Tyler Baltierra's dad was actually headed to rehab before Catelynn Lowell's trip back in 2017. Despite that, Butch is still getting help and is not expected back from rehab for a couple more months.

On "Teen Mom OG," fans got to see Tyler and his dad have a very emotional moment on the way the rehab center. Tyler revealed that initially, they weren't even able to afford the 90-day treatment program for Butch. However, after explaining the situation to both the treatment center and the bank, they were able to secure funding to send Butch to rehab for the entire six-month program. When Butch learned that someone else actually cared enough about his treatment to pay for it, the news made him cry.

Tyler didn't just drop his dad off and take off. Instead, he stuck around while Butch filled out paperwork and made sure his dad was settled in. While he was there, Tyler talked to the head of the rehab facility, who commented that it's probably been a while since Tyler has seen his real dad, meaning the clean and sober version.

"I don’t think I’ve ever met him,” Tyler responded, breaking "Teen Mom OG" fans' hearts everywhere.

Fans react to Tyler on 'Teen Mom OG'

Tyler Baltierra's scenes on this week's episode of "Teen Mom OG" were very emotional. Knowing what he's been going through with Catelynn Lowell lately, fans quickly began to praise Tyler for always being so supportive of both Catelynn and Butch.

Taking note of all the touching comments, Tyler responded to his fans. As OK! Magazine reports, Tyler clearly doesn't think it's necessary, which will probably bring about even more comments and praise for the "Teen Mom" dad.

"Listen, I appreciate all of the love & support that has been sent to me about this past episode," Tyler tweeted.

"I don’t watch the show because I live it. But to me all of this praise is inflated. I take care of my wife & my dad out of a primitive nature called unconditional love. It’s my duty."

Tyler Baltierra really has been supportive of both Catelynn Lowell and his father Butch through all of their ups and downs. He does deserve recognition for that, whether he feels like the attention is warranted or not. Both his dad and his wife really are lucky to have someone so loving and supportive on their side.