Briana DeJesus has been incredibly busy over the last several weeks. After she announced that her relationship with Javi Marroquin was over, things took a dramatic turn. It seemed like everyone wanted to comment on the former couple, including Kailyn Lowry. After some Twitter beef, things seemed to have settled down. DeJesus went through with her surgery, and Dr. Miami fixed her up. Now, she is recovering from her procedures and taking care of her two beautiful daughters.

Love life after Javi

Right now, Briana DeJesus is recovering from her recent procedures.

This is not the first surgery for the “Teen Mom 2” star, so going into it she knew what to expect. Her mom, Roxanne, and her sister, Brittany, have been helping with the girls. Fans knew that would happen as the family has always been there for each other. DeJesus has been fortunate to have the help with her girls, and Roxanne and Brittany are often featured on the show.

A recent tweet from Briana DeJesus sparked a lot of rumors. She tweeted about how living with a man meant sports on all the time. Of course, Twitter went wild about her “new relationship.” Guesses swirled about who her new man could be, some believing she rekindled with Javi Marroquin again. Devoin and Luis were also mentioned, but after Briana talked about her relationship with them, fans weren't sure if either was still involved in their daughter's life.

Setting the record straight

If you want to know about Briana DeJesus, she is going to tell you. There is no guessing game needed when it comes to her and her life. She has been open with her fans, especially when it comes to her love life and her two baby daddies.

Briana talked exclusively with Blasting News about her “new relationship.” DeJesus said; “No, I am not in a new relationship. My tweet about 'living with a man' has to do with Devoin, Nova's Dad. Devoin has been at my house to help with Nova and Stella while I recover from my surgery. It's funny people would think I had the time to get in a new relationship after just getting out of one and then going in for surgery.

LOL. But to clarify, no, I am not in any relationship and am currently single."

It is clear that Briana DeJesus is focused on her children and healing from her procedures. Getting into a relationship with someone else right now is not a priority. DeJesus is too busy with what is on her plate right now. Javi Marroquin had the chance to be with her but bailed based on her decision to go through with the surgery. Love doesn't come with conditions, and Briana will be just fine single right now.