Briana DeJesus is coming for Kailyn Lowry. These two have been intertwined since it was announced that “Teen Mom 2” would be welcoming DeJesus. Fans knew there would be drama, but adding Javi Marroquin to the mix added much more than just a little bit of chaos. Now, the two are trading insults on social media, and the man who dated both of them is laughing all the way home.

Twitter feud reignites

It was revealed that Javi Marroquin was with Briana DeJesus in Miami after the two had split. Kailyn Lowry talked about spilling the tea but didn't elaborate.

“Teen Mom 2” fans figured out that Bri was with Javi from Snapchat, and from there, things went downhill. DeJesus took to Twitter to call out Lowry for talking about her on her podcast, something that has happened quite frequently. Briana went off on Kail when it first happened but came back over the weekend for round two.

According to In Touch Weekly, things got pretty brutal on Twitter with Briana DeJesus calling Kailyn Lowry out for getting “Teen Mom 2” production involved in their battle. In fact, she claims that they were told she is being mean to the mom of three and ex-wife of Javi Marroquin. Fans aren't surprised the two can't get along, especially with the way Javi has played them both.

Interestingly enough, it looks like both girls are happy to engage the other, though Briana is tougher than Kailyn when it comes to words.

The bigger person

It looks like Kailyn Lowry will end up being the bigger person in the battle. She has yet to swear off social media or disappear when confronted regarding her action. Lowy has taken a lot of grief from others, especially about her love life and appearance.

If there is anything she can handle, it is Briana DeJesus' word vomit. Things can get pretty real when you come face to face with the one you have beef with, and the “Teen Mom 2” specials and reunions should be filled with plenty of gossip and tea. It appears that a new season is filming, which could bring in high ratings for MTV.

With a brand new season coming soon, the behind-the-scenes looks will provide fans with more information. The Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry drama has people intrigued, so they may as well play up on it. Javi Marroquin started a world of trouble with these two women, and now, he isn't attached to either one. The new season will be filled with the Briana/Javi relationship, and possibly some of the Kail/Bri feud. "Teen Mom 2" is going to be intense.