Briana DeJesus has been raising her daughter, Nova and Stella almost solo since they have been born. She had the help of her mother and sister, but her dreams of raising her children in a two-parent home have not come to fruition. DeJesus is taking it day by day and doing what she has to do to make sure her girls have everything they need in life.

Briana begins filming again

Last year, Briana DeJesus was added to “Teen Mom 2.” She didn't receive the warmest of responses from the other ladies, but it appears she did find a friend in Jenelle Evans.

The two appear to get along, even bantering on social media on occasion. DeJesus was added to bring something different to the show and so that the fans could follow her second pregnancy. Stella's birth was filmed, and viewers also found out about her heart condition during a scary moment from the show.

There has been a lot of talk about how the girls are doing now. Briana DeJesus is constantly asked about how Nova and Stella are doing. Plenty of other questions about their fathers have also been asked. DeJesus hasn't really said too much about Luis or Devoin, but fans have assumed they are not in the picture. In fact, when Briana was dating Javi Marroquin, it appeared that he paid more attention to the baby than her actual father did.

Exclusive statement from Briana DeJesus

Instead of answering everyone about what is happening with Luis and Devoin, Briana DeJesus has given Blasting News an exclusive statement regarding the roles they are playing in their daughter's lives. DeJesus says; “Well Luis is non-existent. He doesn’t ask about Stella or anything. He moved back to NY and I haven’t heard from him.” She goes on to mention; “Devoin is Devoin he’s back and forth.

Nothing has changed.” And finally, Briana reveals; “So basically things are status quo. I'm continuing to raise my daughters on my own with the help of my mom and sister. I can only continue to hope one day things change as I'd love for my girls to have their dads in their lives, but at this time that doesn't seem like it's going to happen with Luis at all and with Devoin on any consistent basis.”

At this point, Briana DeJesus will continue to raise her girls and do the best she can.

Rumors have circulated that “Teen Mom 2” is currently filming, though MTV has not officially confirmed it. Fans are looking forward to seeing what happens next in Briana's life and how she is managing to take care of both girls without their dads stepping up.