Kylie Jenner just had her first Baby Girl and named her Stormi Webster. She was able to keep the pregnancy a secret until her little girl arrived. E! Online shared the news that Kylie is doing great being a mom. Blasting News shared yesterday that Kylie recently was spotted out for the first time since giving birth and she looked amazing already.

Source shares how Kylie is doing now

An insider is speaking out and sharing how Kylie Jenner is doing as a new mom. It looks like this first time that Kylie Jenner was photographed outside was also the first time that she left her daughter since she was born on February 1.

A source says that she is really attached. The source revealed, "Kylie is tired but getting used to the crazy hours. She is very attached to Stormi. She honestly just never wants to leave her out of her sight not because she can't trust anyone but because she just is so happy being with her baby."

The source even said that as a parent Kylie Jenner is taking the lead and that Travis is totally fine with her doing it this way. It sounds like Travis Scott is learning to be a great father and that Kylie is really enjoying watching him in this way.

How is Kylie losing the weight?

The fans really have been wondering how Kylie Jenner is losing the weight and an insider shared that she hasn't even started working out yet.

So far, she is just eating healthy and taking care of herself. The source says that the main focus is her mom and that she loves it. It really does sound like Kylie Jenner has found her calling and is so happy being a mom. This is a huge change for her.

Another thing that the source revealed is that Kylie is really glad to have been able to reveal the news about her baby.

It had to be really hard on her keeping this all a secret. Kylie was also not able to go out and about because she didn't want someone to take her picture. Now that she has given birth to Stormi Webster she can be out and let the fans see her. Now, she does have to worry about them seeing her daughter, though. Kylie has only shared one picture of her so far and it didn't even show her entire body.

The fans can't wait to see even more of her, but they will have to wait on Kylie to be ready to share.

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