Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" say that Sam is going to dig a hole for herself and fall into it. She will have so alienated the individuals who had been in her corner, that they will not be around to pull her out. Her attitude regarding the twins has already pushed Carly and Sonny away and on Monday (Jan. 8) she asked Jason for a divorce. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Mrs. Morgan is going to find out some things regarding Drew that will cause distance to grow in that relationship as well. Sam has been obstinant and refused to listen to anyone, suggesting that she really loves Jason.

Now her stubbornness may be the cause of her losing all.

Sam will get a wake-up call regarding Drew

From the day that Jason returned to Port Charles, his wife has been adamant that his twin is the man she wants to spend her life with. She keeps telling everyone that Andrew Cain is her future and his brother was her past. Although "JaSam" kissed on New Year's Eve, Sam refuses to even entertain the idea that he is her soul mate, as Carly keeps insisting.

Sam realizes that Sonny and his wife will always choose Jason and this may be one reason she has chosen to remain loyal to his sibling. Celeb Dirty Laundry, however, indicates that she is about to get a wakeup call regarding the man she is living with.

Dark secrets from Drew's past will surface which may cause Mrs. Morgan to re-think her recent decisions. She has basically cut Sonny and Carly out of her life because of their loyalty to her legal spouse. She is making it clear to Jason that she wants to move on with Drew, so when the truth comes to light she will have no one to confide in.

Sam will be alienated and feel abandoned

Spoilers say that Sam will be alienated and feel abandoned, but it will be of her own doing. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Drew is going to turn out to be the bad seed and suggest Betsy Frank sent him away because it was he who hurt Franco and not the other way around. Andrew Cain has been displaying aggressive behavior lately so whatever is in his past may be the reason why.

Sam has been insisting that she loves the life she can now have but it all may end up being a pipe dream.

Drew's previous life may indicate that he is no better than Jason and Sonny and this will leave the woman he loves in an awkward situation. Sam kicked Carly to the curb and has made it clear she is glad Jason's twin s no longer working for Sonny. Spoilers don't say exactly what will cause the rift between her and Drew, but whatever it is will leave Mrs. Morgan all alone. Stay tuned for more episodes of "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on CBS.