"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that fans may soon be seeing a former couple find their way back to one another. As drama and betrayal comes to Salem yet again, Lani will find out that she is pregnant. Of course, Lani will know deep down that the baby must be Eli's as she and JJ had been broken up during the time that Theo was in a coma. After Lani believed that JJ and Gabi had a one night stand, she and Eli ended up in bed together on Christmas Eve.

JJ's joy turns to pain

However, "Days of our Lives" viewers know that Gabi and JJ did not have an affair.

In fact, if it wasn't for Gabi, JJ would have likely killed himself on Christmas Eve. Gabi figured out JJ's plan and stayed with him all night so that he had someone to talk to. Sadly, Lani walked in and saw the two embracing in JJ's bed and believed the worst. She then sought out Gabi's boyfriend, Eli, and the pair made love. Now, Lani has a major conflict on her hands. When she finds out she's pregnant she will immediately want to have an abortion. However, JJ will overhear her say she's pregnant and beg her to keep the baby, believing that it is his child.

Gabi and JJ to reunite?

As many "Days Of Our Lives" viewers have seen, no secrets stay buried for long in Salem, especially when it comes to the paternity of a child.

Soon enough JJ and Gabi will both find out that Lani's baby doesn't belong to JJ, but to Eli. This means that JJ and Gabi will likely both be devastated and heartbroken to learn that the pair had a one night stand. However, the shocking reveal could eventually lead to Gabi and JJ getting back together. As longtime viewers know, Gabi and JJ used to be in love, and many "DOOL" fans liked them together as a couple.

Gabi and Lani to be bitter rivals for years to come?

As viewers may remember, Gabi and JJ ended their relationship after it was revealed that JJ had too much to drink one night while mourning Abigail's death, as she was believed to be dead on account of a plane crash. While drunk, JJ ran into Lani and they ended up in bed together.

When Gabi found out about JJ's betrayal with Lani she ended the relationship and was heartbroken. This time around it seems that Lani will be the cause of another one of Gabi's breakups. It looks like a Gabi and Lani rivalry is set to be an ongoing theme on "Days of our Lives," as many viewers know that some of Salem's characters just seem to rub each other the wrong way such as Nicole Walker and Sami Brady, Hope Brady and Billie Reed, and many others. "DOOL" fans can watch it all play out weekday afternoons on NBC.