Ever since Steve Burton was revealed to be Jason on "General Hospital" Carly has been trying to convince Sam that he is her destiny. Mrs. Morgan, however, has decided to remain loyal to Drew and even remarry him. She keeps telling everyone that she loves the life she has now and will not even entertain the idea of reuniting with her true love. Jason as always is allowing his wife to make her own choice and is not pursuing a relationship with her. His best friend, however, decided on Thursday to tempt fate and give "JaSam" a nudge in the right direction.

She tampered with Drew's vehicle and sent his brother in his place to meet Sam on the Haunted Star. Celeb Dirty Laundry spoilers say the couple will kiss at midnight.

Carly looks out for best friend Jason

Now that she and Sonny have found their way back to each other, Carly wishes the same for Sam and Jason. Every chance she gets Mrs. Corinthos is pointing out the obvious which is that they still love each other. On Thursday she sees the new ring on Sam's finger and congratulates her when she says she and Drew will remarry. When Sam says she and her intended will have the Haunted Star to themselves on New Year's Eve, Carly decides to intervene.

While talking to Jason, Carly pretends to receive a text from Sonny.

and says he has information on Faison, She tells her BFF that her husband is waiting for him on board the Haunted Star and Jason takes off in a flash. Thursday's episode ends with Jason rushing on board the ship and finding an astonished Sam who is shocked to see him and not his twin brother.

JaSam will engage in a passionate kiss

Spoilers say that "JaSam" will not be able to resist each other and at midnight they will engage in a passionate kiss. Naturally, Sam will feel guilty as if she cheated on Drew. After all, she recently recommitted her life to him and agreed they should remarry. She may feel torn but now there is no way that Samantha can continue to ignore the fact that she is in love with both men.

What Carly knew and Sam did not, was the fact that all she needed was to be alone with her true love and the sparks would fly. Now everything has changed and there is no going back. Drew, of course, will be devastated but he should have known that at some point his wife would have to revisit the feelings she has for his brother. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM. Things are heating up as Port Charles residents head into the New Year so make sure not to miss one episode.