"General Hospital" spoiler alerts from International Business News indicate that Jason will be in the midst of indecision regarding whether or not he should remain in Port Charles. His desire to be noble and not be a burden in Sam's life may be pushing Mr. Quartermaine to remove himself from the picture. Stone Cold has always been one who is selfless and does what is best for those he loves. It would be within his nature to bow out gracefully so that his wife can continue to the life she has been living for the past few years. Unknown to Jason, however, is that there are forces at work, and secrets being revealed, which may bring him and Sam together by the time this nine-month arc is completed.

Everyone in Port Charles is embracing Jason, except Sam

Sam, as his wife, should have been the first person to recognize and embrace Jason, but she is actually the only one of his associates who is rejecting him. Diane, Carly, Spinelli, Monica, Michael, and Sonny, all knew him right away and welcomed him back to Port Charles. Everyone is telling Sam that she knows in her heart Jason is her one true love, but she is in deep denial. She keeps saying she loves the life she now has with Drew which means a life free of the drama that comes with Sonny.

Spoilers say that Sonny will more than likely talk his friend out of leaving town and, if Carly gets wind of this, she will definitely put a stop to it.

There is also the fact that Kim has some secrets which could turn the tide regarding Drew's feelings. She has assured Sam that there was never a chance of a long-term relationship with Jason's twin but this could only be a ruse.

Kim could be the key

When Kim first arrived in Port Charles and saw Drew on Thanksgiving she said her friend had dated him and she only knew him for about three months.

Now she has revealed that Oscar is his biological son. Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry suggest that the next bombshell will be that Kim and Drew are actually married. If this is true then the doctor will have more of a claim on him than Sam. If his memories begin to return he may recall being in love with Oscar's mom and decide to leave Sam, who may soon regret rejecting the love of her life.

Since Steve Burton just returned to Port Charles as Jason, it is highly unlikely that he is being written out of the story, especially since it will take nine months to resolve. For this reason, Sonny and or Carly will probably talk him into sticking around. "JaSam" fans will just have to be patient as they wait for their favorite couple to reunite and keep their eyes on Kim, who could hold the key to it all.