Farrah Abraham has been incredibly vocal about how her childhood was a mess. Both Debra Danielsen and Michael Abraham have left scars on their daughter's soul, some more serious than others. Abraham doesn't have the best relationship with either parent, but she has recently been much closer to her father. In fact, she orchestrated his proposal to his long-time girlfriend, Amy. Farrah and Danielsen are not on good terms, especially with the doctor in the picture.

Debra uses Farrah's fame

For a long time, Debra Danielsen would help Farrah Abraham with Sophia.

When she would have to go away for meetings or other endeavors, the little girl would always stay with her grandma. Now, Michael Abraham had become the go-to person to care for Sophia. Danielsen has taken an opportunity to slam her ex-husband at every turn. While there were definitely some issues in their marriage, he seems to think her account of things is skewed.

Debra Danielsen is releasing a book at the end of January. This coupled with her “music career” has “Teen Mom” fans chuckling. According to Radar Online, Debra details her marriage to Michael Abraham in a chapter of the upcoming book. She talks about how he was into using illegal drugs and wanted her to participate with him. Of course, she denies she did and mentions this, along with infidelity, ended their marriage.

Michael is a cheater

Micheal Abraham has admitted to being unfaithful to Debra Danielsen on several occasions, though he does not agree with the sentiment that he had multiple affairs as she writes in her book. He is also agreeing with the fact that he has experimented with drugs, but insists that was prior to his relationship with Debra.

Abraham has tried to be nice to his ex-wife on several occasions, but she hasn't made the process easy. When he proposed to Amy, Debra was with them, but in a different boat. She is definitely a bit jealous of how much time he is spending with Farrah and Sophia, especially since they have cut her out.

The book coming out by Debra Danielsen is “Vapor: A True Story Of How I Fell Victim To Catfishing,” and it is set to be released on January 30.

Farrah Abraham hasn't addressed the book her mom is coming out with, but “Teen Mom” fans will be scouring social media to see if she throws shade her mother's way. A Farrah/Debra confrontation is always intense, but this book may go above and beyond what "normal" is for the mother/daughter duo.