Farrah Abraham is currently in Italy on “Teen Mom OG.” She brought both of her parents along with her, which has made some waves. Abraham's relationship with her mother, Debra, is rocky on a good day. The two don't see eye to eye when it comes to her fiance, David. Also, Farrah's father, Michael Abraham is on the trip with his girlfriend, Amy. Recent episodes of the show have featured a budding relationship between the reality star and her father's girlfriend.

Italy is romantic

When Farrah Abraham proposed the idea of going to Italy to her father, he was thrilled.

Apparently, Michael Abraham had been planning to ask his live-in girlfriend, Amy, to marry him. Farrah jumped in and immediately offered to help plan the entire event. Of course, he didn't turn her down. The two joined Abraham and Sophia on the adventure of a lifetime.

Earlier this week, “Teen Mom OG” fans saw the Abrahams arrive in Italy. Initially, Farrah Abraham and Sophia hung out with Micheal and Amy. They met Debra, who quickly learned that her ex-husband and his new girlfriend were also along for the ride. The tension between the mother and daughter is enough to make anyone cringe. Farrah and her father have a much better relationship because of strides made throughout the last couple of years.

It also appears that she gets along with Amy really well, and even respects her.

The proposal

In a new sneak peek from OK! Magazine, “Teen Mom OG” gets romantic on Monday night. The footage from Micheal Abraham's proposal is front and center. He is incredibly nervous, but read Amy a poem. He asked her to marry him, and it appears like she is going to accept.

Of course, Farrah Abraham is filming the entire thing on her phone while Sophia sits in her lap. The setting was amazing, and it couldn't have worked out better.

Teen Mom OG” fans are anxious to see how Debra is going to react to the proposal. She was also along for the ride with Farrah and Michael, but she was in a separate boat.

It has to be awkward, especially given her relationship with Farrah Abraham at the moment. Things have changed a lot for the Abraham family since joining the reality television scene back when “16 & Pregnant” was their first show. Good things are happening right now, but with Farrah's future up in the air with the franchise, it is unclear whether Micheal and Amy's wedding will be aired on television. Fans are hopeful this will play out on the show, but no official word has been given yet.