The "Walking Dead" midseason finale is set to be the best episode of the season according to actress Katelyn Nacon, who plays Enid on the AMC hit dramatic thriller. Reports from reveal that Nacon has dished about the upcoming episode and promises fans are going to find it a real gamechanger.

Who will die next on 'The Walking Dead?'

Nacon also states that it is the best episode thus far this season and will not only re-engage the interest of some fans but add fear and hope. Fans have been having a real tough time following along with the series for the past season and a half.

Numerous fans have stated via social media that the story is progressing way too slowly for some to maintain the same amount of interest and enthusiasm of seasons past.

Changes promised, is it too late for 'TWD?'

However, as dedicated, "Walking Dead" fans are well aware, every year, at the beginning, mid, and Season Finale, we are often promised the same promises of mind-blowing episodes. Nacon adds that the midseason finale is going to be packed full of drama, but a major event is going to take place that will shift the entire essence of the series.

Now, this brings us to the midseason speculation. It is claimed a major character death is coming. According to a few of the show's spoiler sites, all fingers are pointing to Carl Grimes' death.

This is based on evidence the sites claim to have, without divulging much of. Some of the sites claim that Carl's lack of screentime this season points to his exit. Carl's death would, in fact, be a game-changer and it would shift the series emotionally, especially for Rick.

Nacon also stated that she feels that "TWD" fans are going to be torn by the event believing they will experience a love/hate relationship with it.

The next major death speculation directs fans to Daryl Dixon. One of the most popular characters in the series, ending his life would surely cause a major mix of emotions from fans.

Thousands of viewers have yet to get over the Season 7 losses of Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford, so losing Daryl could just instill that riot that is often promised at his demise.

So far this season, we have lost Eric and Shiva, and while both deaths were sad, they did not have the impact of losing one of our main characters.

Whatever goes down on Sunday's finale (Dec. 10) we hope it breathes new life and interest back into the show, whose ratings continue to hit new lows with every episode in Season 8. The Carl or Daryl death speculation for Sunday will most likely pull in a desperately needed rating raise for AMC, however, the future of "The Walking Dead" lies in the hands of the writers, and how they chose to play it out we will see come Sunday, December 10 at 9 PM on AMC.

How do you believe "TWD" Season 8 midseason finale will go down?