"Walking Dead" fans who, have been holding on to a small amount of hope of ever seeing Steven Yeun's character Glenn Rhee return to the AMC hit zombie thriller could have their wishes granted according to a CDL report.

Will "Walking Dead" fans ever see Glenn Rhee again?

Yeun recently opened up about his feelings over Glenn's brutal and violent death in the season seven opener. Yeun has even stated that he would be willing to come back to 'TWD" under the right conditions. This is a bit of sunshine that has "Walking Dead" fans very excited. But, before you get too happy we need to think this over.

How would the writers be able to pull this rabbit out of a hat keeping everyone happy, yet, making sense of Glenn's return in the story?

How would the return of Glenn Rhee be possible?

In the season 7 opener fans were left shocked, and heartbroken after watching Negan violently bash in the skulls of both Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee. The scene was so brutal that it sent some fans into a major tizzy.

Steven, who recently spoke with Australia's Daily Telegraph claims he would not want to see Glenn's return forced. However, he would be "totally down" for a return. Again it is asked how in the world would this be possible. There is no way Glenn could return as a walker, it would not make sense to the story considering there was nothing left of his head after Negan had finished his assault.

Besides how fulfilling would that be? Glenn could possibly return in a dream sequence or backstory episodes. But, that would be just a tease for Yeun fans who have mourned their loss right along with Maggie and the group all through season 7.

It has been speculated that the whole entire season 7 could be played out in a feverish dream/nightmare.

In season seven fans will remember Maggie is very ill, feverish, in major pain and fading in and out of consciousness. What if most of that happened in season 7 is a result of Maggie's feverish nightmare. Would it be believed that Glenn and Abe's deaths were just hallucinations?

Could Maggie awake to find Glenn standing at her side, alive and well?

If Maggie has been unconscious writers could use that as a way to jump back in time to a place before Negan's kills redoing the entire scene and having Negan actually really either only kill off Abe, or make it an entirely different person, or event altogether?

It is a bit of a reach, and totally just for speculation, the whole Glenn/dumpster thing all over. Something along those lines could give the writers a way to make it right after dedicated fans suffered through some of the painfully dull and out there episodes of the past season. These are just a few of the ideas floating around about the possibility of Glenn's return and are no way as clever as what the writers of the series could come up with to entertain the thought.

Most fans and comic book enthusiast will say a big hell no to entertaining any such thoughts on the matter, saying it is what it now is and move the "Walking Dead" story along as it has been progressing in the comics.

Fans will just have to wait and see what "The Walking Dead" has in store for us in the future. What we do know for certain is that when we left the group during the season 7 finale they were getting ready for all out war, and from the looks of the new poster and any potential spoilers that have been revealed so far this will be where the group is headed...to war and with us fans right along with them.

What are your thoughts on a possibility of Glenn Rhee's return, do you see any way it could happen and make sense?