"The Walking Dead" season 8 spoilers have been making rounds on the Internet because of the highly-anticipated story. New reports suggest that the characters from season 1 will be killed in the upcoming season of the hit AMC TV show.

According to a recent report from Comicbook, the characters who were part of "The Walking Dead" season 1 will die in the upcoming season 8 of the show. Most of the actors who were part of season 1 are all dead already.

Who will die from "The Walking Dead" actors

The publication revealed that most of the characters from "The Walking Dead" season 1 have been killed, which hints that the producers might be slowly killing all the original characters.

Rick's wife, Lori, Dale, Amy, Andrea, Carol's husband and daughter were all killed in the past few seasons of the show.

It only proves how deadly the show has turned out, which means no character is safe in the next season of "The Walking Dead." Fans are worried about the future of their favorite characters in the story. Viewers are worried that the original characters who are heading for "The Walking Dead"sSeason 8 could be killed since they are in constant danger.

Robert Kirkman, the showrunner of "The Walking Dead" even admitted that he always plan to kill Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln in the story. However, he may not be killing him in the upcoming season of the hit AMC TV series.

There is no doubt that Rick is the story's focus since he is also the leader of the group. Knowing that he binds the group and community together, it is unlikely for him to die anytime soon. There is no doubt that he will survive whatever obstacle he would be in, especially with Carl beside him.

Who is not safe at all in TWD Season 8?

Speculations suggest that Carol is one of the characters who is not safe in "TWD" season 8. Fans are worried about her destiny in the show since she has been showing signs of death. As per persistent speculations, her character in the comics committed suicide as they battle against other survivors, Saviors.

Another character who might be killed is Morgan. Knowing how unstable Morgan is, speculations suggest that he might suffer the loss of Benjamin mentally. He has a mindset to kill all the members of Savior, which might be the reason of his death.

"The Walking Dead" Season 8 stars Andrew Lincoln, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Norman Reedus, Lennie James, Danai Gurira, Alanna Masterson and Melissa McBride. The hit TV series returns to small screens in October 2017.