Bruno Mars is a top-selling recording artist as well a songwriter and producer. The 32-year-old who hails from Hawaii is famous for his brand of pop-rock and R&B music. His favorite color is red, he has sold over 180 million singles worldwide and is worth over 90 million dollars. These general facts are similar to that of many other popular singers whose hometown, favorite color, number of record sales and net worth is known. However, there are some truths about this celebrity that only his loyal fans, AKA the Hooligans, would know. The following are seven of the little-known realities regarding the singer.

Bruno Mars is a stage name inspired by a wrestler

The Hooligans know that their favorite singer's real name is Peter Gene Bayot Hernandez. This is the first fact that not everyone may be aware of. The second is the reason he chose his stage name. Bruno was in honor of the wrestler Bruno Sammartino, because as a young boy Bruno was independent, strong-willed and confident, just like the wrestler.

The surname of Mars was chosen because when the entertainer was young, girls told him he was "Out of this world." Keeping that theme in mind, Bruno decided to use the fifth planet, which coincidentally is called the red planet - the same as his favorite color. There are probably people who assumed wrongly that the stage name is the one he was born with.

The popular singer's tattoos, cocaine, Los Vegas and 'Twilight'

The third fact that only the "Hooligans" may be aware of is the fact that the singer was arrested on September 19th, 2010. Mars was charged with possession of 2.6 grams of cocaine in a Las Vegas restroom. The fourth little-known truth is that Bruno's 2011 hit single "It Will Rain" was included on the soundtrack for "The Twilight Saga."

The fifth fact that only loyal fans may be aware of, is regarding the four tattoos that Bruno Mars is sporting.

Two are in honor of his parents; Pete's boy on his left bicep and his mother's name on his right shoulder. There is also a Gypsy on his left forearm and an anchor on his right forearm.

Bruno's ethnicity and his first pet

The sixth truth is that the popular entertainer did not own a pet until early in 2012 when he purchased a dog that he named Geronimo.

The seventh fact related to Bruno Mars that the world at large may not be aware of his ethnicity. Many may be surprised to learn that his mother Bernadette is Filipino and his father Pete is Latino. So now you know a few more intimate details about the singer.