Scott and Abby’s romance is heating up on “The Young and the Restless.” The former foes turned lovers have tried keeping their distance from each other, but can’t resist the passion. So far they’ve managed to keep their rendezvous private, yet that could be exposed thanks to Faith, the daughter of Scott’s girlfriend, Sharon Newman.

Their road to romance

Scott and Abby’s road to romance wasn’t smooth. Longtime fans of “The Young and the Restless” know that Scott is the son of veteran character Lauren Fenmore. Scott was a journalist working in the Middle East when he was kidnapped.

Thanks to the help of Victor Newman, Lauren was able to rescue her son.

Upon his return to Genoa City, Scott’s personal and professional life took a turn for the better. Much to his mother’s dismay, he began dating Sharon Newman. The new couple became a hit with fans, who were happy to see their favorite heroine find love with the handsome man.

Meanwhile, Scott found a steady job at Newman Enterprises, where he worked alongside Abby. From the moment they met, the two became enemies. They constantly bickered in and out of the office. However, their relationship would take a different route when they found themselves in danger.

Unbeknownst to Abby, her new boyfriend Zach was involved in a shady business.

When Scott uncovered the truth about Zach’s dating app being a cover for a sex ring, he rushed to rescue Abby, who had been kidnapped by Zach. Realizing he was about to be exposed, Zach locked Scott and Abby in a storage unit.

While trapped in the storage locker, Scott began experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. Abby comforted Scott, and soon things turned romantic for the two.

Yet, their brief moment of passion didn’t last long before danger returned. Zach held the couple at gunpoint but was quickly taken down by Crystal, one of the former sex ring girls.

Following their rescue, Abby and Scott tried to go back to their normal lives. Scott continued his relationship with Sharon, while Abby focused on restoring her career.

Yet, the love between the two has been growing stronger with each day.

Will their affair be exposed?

As with all secrets on soap operas, they’re eventually exposed. It looks like it’s only a matter of time before everyone discovers Scott and Abby’s affair. According to spoilers from the blog She Knows, Faith spies the couple engaged in a kiss during an upcoming episode

So the question is will Faith reveal what she saw to her parents? Or will the show stretch the storyline out for a few more months? Plus, what will the fallout be once Scott and Abby’s secret is exposed?