On "The Young and the Restless," Scott Granger and Abby Newman have been like oil and water for some time. Victor hired Lauren's son to keep an eye on his impetuous youngest daughter, and she resents it. Scott and Abby spar at every turn, always trying to get underneath each other's skin. Viewers, however, see the thin line between love and hate and the passion that is simmering deep within. Soap Opera Spy spoilers suggest that Mr. Granger may have to save Ms. Newman from Zack. It's possible this may bring them closer and cause the couple to bond.

Perhaps then they will acknowledge how they really feel about each other, and that their union is inevitable.

Abby and Scott are destined to be together

Scott and Sharon are a couple and also investigating the prostitution ring. Abby and Zack are working together on the dating app for "Newman Enterprises," and they are also in the beginning stages of becoming a couple. Unknown to Victor's baby girl is the fact that her sweetie and co-worker are deceiving her. He is the head of the local sex trafficking organization that Scott is trying to bring down. And the dating app is actually a link to this sordid business.

Scott has been trying to warn Abby that there is something shady going on with her friend/co-worker, but she has not listened.

She believes this is just one more way for Mr. Granger to try to get to her. Ms. Newman is so blinded by what she considers to be her loathing for this man, that she is missing all the warning signs around her. Soap Opera Spy spoilers indicate that this week Abby may be in danger and Scott might be the one to save her.

Exposing the prostitution ring will bring changes for Sharon, Scott, Abby, and Zack

Sharon and Scott are trying to find Tessa's sister Crystal and free her from a life of forced prostitution. Their investigation is going to lead them straight to Zack, who is the head of the organization. Spoilers don't say how Victor's daughter will be put in danger but she may be held at gunpoint or used as a hostage.

There could be some type of standoff and Lauren's son risks his own life to save hers. Once all of this is over and done, there will be big changes for all involved.

If Zack is not killed, he will go to jail and the dating app shut down. Abby will once again feel as if she messed up and is the black sheep of the family. Sharon and Scott will be exhilarated that they cracked the sex trafficking ring and saved Crystal. Victor will be grateful to Scott for saving his child. At some point, however, Mr. Granger and Ms. Newman will have a heart-to-heart talk about all that transpired. She may hug him in thanks, where they look deep into each other's eyes and finally acknowledge their union is inevitable. Stay tuned to CBS on weekday afternoons for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."