Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry say big things are coming for one couple on "The Young and the Restless." A lot of possibilities will open up for Abby and Scott, that will change their lives. On Thursday the couple will give in to passion, then regret it afterward. They will find evidence in the storage unit that incriminates Zack, but when Sharon and Paul arrive to save them the couple will be gone. They will go to a motel where Zack finds them on Friday and gunshots are fired. One of them will be hit, and possibly die. The most traumatic situation the duo will face may be an unplanned pregnancy.

Although Ms. Newman told Mr. Granger that she is using birth control, spoilers tease that she will find out she is expecting and not know if Zack or Scott is the father.

Abby helps Scott through a crisis

On Wednesday while they are in the storage unit Scott becomes overwhelmed and Abby has to convince him that everything will be alright. it's not clear if he is having a panic/anxiety attack or if he suffers from PTSD, but he seemed truly rattled. Ms. Newman sets aside her feelings and holds Mr. Granger's hand, as she tells him they will make it out of the predicament. She then moves closer to him and initiates a kiss, which he seems to welcome.

Spoilers say the couple will give in to romantic passion, but immediately regret it.

This is when Abby announces she is on birth control and they begin sparring with each other again. They will dress and begin investigating the contents of the storage unit, finding a lot of evidence that incriminates Zack regarding the prostitution ring. When help arrives, however, they are nowhere to be found.

Sharon and Paul come up empty

After talking to Dina, Sharon and Paul figure out that Scott and Abby are inside a storage unit. Because of her illness, Ms. Mergeron did not realize that she was a stowaway in the car with Zack and her granddaughter. When they arrive, Paul and Sharon open the unit only to find it empty. They determine that Scott and Abby used their cell phones to trigger the sprinklers, which opened the door so they could escape.

Spoilers indicate that the couple will go to a motel where they are confronted by a gun-wielding Zack. Someone will be shot and spoilers suggest it could be any one of the three of them. It's possible that Zack will die and Scott will be Abby's hero, at least in the moment. Supposedly, in spite of announcing she is on birth control, Ms. Newman will find out she is expecting a baby around Christmas, and, of course, she will not know who the father is. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM to find out what happens.