New head writer Mal Young has promised surprises are coming on "The Young and the Restless, and he is keeping his word." J.T. Helstrom returned to Genoa City to audit issues with Victor's personal bank accounts. The Newman patriarch and Victoria both are clueless regarding what the authorities hope to find. Spoiler alerts from Soaps She Knows indicate that Nikki is going to confess to her daughter that she stole money from Victor and placed it in offshore bank accounts. Victoria will be stunned and placed in a tough situation. Will she allow her father to go down for a crime he did not commit or will she reveal that her mother is the culprit and allow Nikki to go to jail.

Nikki may have used Kevin's computer hacking skills

Last week Nikki chastised Kevin because he helped Victor steal the money in Nick's bank account. There was no hint that Mrs. Newman had the same thing in mind for her husband. Spoilers indicate she is going to admit her crime to her daughter who will be stunned at the revelation. There has been no hint that Nikki was going to do unto Victor as he did unto Nick so this obviously is one of the surprises that Mal Young spoke of.

On Tuesday Kevin called someone on the phone and told them that what they did was about to come to light. If spoilers are correct then it could have been Nikki on the other end of the line. This would indicate that after giving him a dressing down for helping Victor, she utilized his computer hacking skills herself.

Nikki certainly would not have been able to pull this off by herself.

Will Victoria support her mother or her father?

Victoria will now be in between a rock and a hard place once Nikki comes clean. Vicky had been backing her father 100 percent now that she is working at Newman again. Spoilers indicate that her mother is going to admit her fear of being prosecuted for her crimes.

Victoria will have to make a decision as to which parent she will stand by. If she tells the truth she may be responsible for Nikki going to jail. If she keeps her mothers secret it may cause Victor to be incarcerated.

This appears to be a no-win situation for Victoria Newman but new head writer Mal Young may have a way of making it al work out.

Now that J.T. has been assigned to the case there is no telling what will happen next. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless." Things are really heating up in Genoa City and you don't want to miss any of it.