Kirk Douglas was born on December 9th in New York. He is known as a legend in the movie industry. Kirk got his first Oscar nominee from the movie "Champion" where he played a role as a boxer. He kept the cameras rolling for his next Oscar nominee for the movie "Lust for Life" as he played the tortured painter Vincent Van Gogh. He also portrayed a modern cowboy in the movie the "Lonely Are the Brave."

Kirk blacklisted in the 'Red Scare' in the 1950s

He played many different roles as a gangster, a French army officer. He also partnered with Stanley Kubrick for an epic movie "Spartacus."This movie helped a writer who had been blacklisted in the 50's from the Red Scare.

Even though Kirk has not been in a film since 2003, he still does work with his wife in her charity. Michael says, "He is in great shape great humor .. I can see him going till 103". Catherine Zeta- Jones said, "he is an inspiration and funny... watch out everybody Kirk Douglas is in the house."

Talent runs in the family

He married is first wife in 1943 but then divorced in 1951. They had two kids. He is now married to his current wife Anne Douglas and they got married in 1954. They also have two kids. His son Michael Douglas decided to follow in his footsteps in the movie industry and is definitely a star like his father.

Kirk Douglas said, "My name is Kirk Douglas some of you may know me. if you don't...Google me.

I was a movie star and I'm Michael Douglas' dad." Michael Douglas won two Oscars one for Best Actor in the movie "Wall Street" in 1988 and the other for Best Picture. Michael is married to Catherine Zeta-Jones and they have two children. If they are anything like their parents, they will soon become stars as well someday.

Birthday celebration

The Daily Gazette reported that all Kirk's friends and family decided to join him at his 101st birthday.

Michael Douglas was able to attend. Catherine Zeta-Jones was not able to attend but sang happy birthday using Facetime and also made a sweet post on Instagram for Kirk Douglas. They had multiple different cakes to showcase his greatest hits.

They had a sunflower cake to represent his role of playing Vincent van Gogh in the movie "Lust for Life" when he painted the sunflower.

They had another cake set up as two red boxing gloves from when Kirk played as a boxer in the movie "Champions." Kirk was delighted that the grandchildren were there celebrating with him.

Family and friends took to social media to share some of their images of the big day.