Spoilers for "The Young and the Restless" say that Faith is going to reveal what she saw take place between her aunt and Mr. Granger. According to Soaps She Knows, on Thursday (Dec. 14) Sharon's youngest daughter will let someone that she saw Abby and Scott in a lip lock at Crimson Lights on Monday (Dec. 11). Spoilers did not say whether the little girl tells her mother, aunt Mariah, or someone else, but she is most definitely going to reveal the fact that "Scabby" had an intimate moment. On Tuesday (Dec. 12) Faith would not allow Scott to give her a ride, and he was puzzled by her behavior.

He has no idea his girlfriend's daughter is going to expose his cheating ways.

Faith may be in trouble for being at Crimson Lights

On Monday Sharon told her daughter she was too busy to take her skating so Faith caught a cab. When she first saw her aunt and her mother's boyfriend she tried to hide because she was at Crimson Lights without permission. Faith remained inside the building and kept watching the duo through the door. The third time she checked to see if the coast was clear, she saw them kissing.

Back at Sharon's house, Faith was acting strange around Scott and he had no idea why. Spoilers indicate the secret will be revealed on Thursday, but do not say how it will happen. Scott may pressure Faith about why she is treating him so coldly and the child could simply blurt it out.

Faith could also share the information with Sharon, Mariah, or even Victor. Whatever way the truth comes out when Faith snitches, her mother's world will be turned upside down and she may be in trouble for sneaking out to go skating.

Abby and Scott may be falling in love

Scott moved in with Sharon and they have declared their love for each other, but he cannot stop thinking about Abby.

They are drawn to each other and they may believe it is only lust, but deep down it could be a real love for "Scabby." There is probably no way Scott can explain what he did and the relationship with Sharon will probably be over, unless whoever Faith snitches to does not immediately tell her mother.

Faith could reveal the secret to someone who will keep it hidden and this situation could go on a little while longer.

It would be better, however, for all involved, if Sharon finds out and deals with it now. She will probably kick Scott to the curb and go running back to Nick. Once Scott is free, Abby may even lose interest so stay tuned. Be sure to watch each weekday afternoon at 2:00 PM on CBS for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."