Dex Experience is a musical artist who is also the owner of a skincare and Cosmetics line called “DEX New York.” Born in the Caribbean and raised in New York City, Dex--who started out as a fashion stylist--is known for his creative zeal in both music and cosmetics. Dex’s most recent song is “Internash”: a fun, upbeat, party tune with a 1990s-style flair.

Dex Experience recently discussed his hot new single, musical career, and cosmetics company via an exclusive interview.

Cosmetics, music, and supermodels

Meagan Meehan (MM): Did the cosmetics line come before the music and how did you break into the skincare industry?

Dex Experience (DE): DEX New York Cosmetics was founded in 2007. As a fashion stylist, I noticed the beauty industry was lacking a healthy line of makeup. I wanted to fill that void so models would know that their skin was well taken care of. I knew that once models were using the product, the concept would then translate to the consumer.

MM: What kinds of products do you offer and why did you choose the name “DEX” for your company and musician persona?

DE: DEX New York offers complexion makeup products with skincare benefits, all-in-one. I chose DEX because it’s my first name and I'm the face of both of my brands.

MM: How did you initially get interested in music and why does party music attract you so much?

DE: Music has always been a part of the creative aspect of my life and is most often the inspiration behind all of my beauty campaigns.

MM: Why do the 1990s and supermodels so inspire you?

DE: I got my start in the fashion and beauty industry in the 90s. Also, I was of legal age to start hitting NYC nightclubs which is where I networked and met all the right connections to launch my career.

MM: Were songs like RuPaul’s “Supermodel” something you enjoyed partying to back in the 90s?

DE: Yes, I can remember walking, prancing, and dancing to that very song at the Palladium. It was an anthem for me then and still is today. It’s a very empowering song, and that's exactly what I'm drawing from with "Internash."

Songs, lyrics, and culture

MM: You are originally from Trinidad and Tobago, so do you feel that the vibrancy in the Caribbean culture influenced your creative drive at all?

DE: Absolutely! The sound of calypso music, the whining of the hips moving to the music, and colorful spirit of the people is the inspiration for everything that I create for both of my brands. So vibrant that most Americans meeting me for the first time are often confused. I'm of another culture that's not so familiar to most, but when you do get to know me, it's an experience - hence my music brand name - DEX Experience.

MM: How did you think up the lyrics and beat for the song “Internash”?

DE: About a year ago, I was reminiscing with a friend of mine one evening about the spirit of house music and nightlife and how the scene has changed with the times. We agreed it needed an overdose of the 90's soulfulness when underground DJ's spun the most incredible sounds of music, and club kids and fashionistas turned out the couture looks that are only seen today on the fashion runways in Paris, Milan, and London.

I envisioned supermodels like Naomi, Christy, Linda, and Claudia as the examples of what I was accustomed to experiencing on a nightly basis while out on the town in NYC. They were here, there, and everywhere so much as to say that they're “Internash,” a force not to be reckoned with and you best get out their way!