Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" from Soaps She Knows indicate that on Monday, Scott and Abby will be caught in the act by of all people, Sharon's daughter faith. The couple who are hard pressed to admit their feelings will be in the middle of Crimson Lights when they throw caution to the wind and kiss. There probably is no way the little girl will not tell her mother so this may be where it all hits the fan and Sharon's heart is broken again. "Scabby" will then have to acknowledge that their one night together in the storage shed meant more than they realized.

There is also the possibility that Ms. Newman may be carrying Mr. Granger's child.

Scott and Abby's secret was bound to come out

Sharon has been suspecting that something has changed between her man and Abby ever since they were kidnapped by Zack. She correctly believes that Ms. Newman has feelings for Scott but has not yet figured out that those feelings are being reciprocated. Last Thursday, "Scabby" had a moment where it appeared they would end up in a lip lock but Scott pulled away. Ms. Newman seemed frustrated and Mr. Granger simply tried to ignore it. The passion they have for each other is obvious and the secret was bound to come out eventually.

Abby later lets it slip to Scott that the company that is trying to buy Chancellor park is actually a Newman subsidiary.

He tells Sharon who gives the information to Nick who wants Devon to buy the park to stop Victor's plan. Spoilers indicate that on Monday Victoria will call "Scabby" to a meeting and announce that someone within the company leaked this information and naturally Vicky wants to deal with whoever caused the problem. This is what leads the duo to Crimson Lights.

Faith catches Sharon and Scott in a lip lock

Scott will be reassuring his partner in crime that he will keep the secret that she is the one who revealed that Newman Enterprises was behind the attempt to purchase Chancellor park. Spoilers say he will kiss her hand in order to help her believe he has her back.

The close proximity will become too much and even though they are in a public place Scott and Abby will kiss.

The couple will be unaware that Faith is standing in the doorway and witnesses their lip lock. Spoilers have not revealed what the little girl does with this information. She may call "Scabby" on the carpet right then and there. She could talk to Scott later or tell the secret to Victor or Nick. She may even go straight to her mother and tell all. However this is handled, one thing is certain and that is that Sharon will definitely find out. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM on CBS to catch more of "The Young and the Restless."