Friday on "The Young and the Restless" viewers were left with several intriguing cliffhanger situations where lives in genoa city hung in the balance. Zack figured out that Abby and Scott had slept together and turned on the duo. At the end of the episode he pointed his gun and shot but it was not clear if he hit Scott or turned the gun on Abby. Ashley and Jack found evidence that forced them to acknowledge that Dina's medical condition is dire, and now they must deal with the reality of their mother's mortality. Neil found himself on the receiving end of the wrath of Victoria Newman's Ice Princess persona.

He was shocked as she threw her sister under the bus without so much as blinking an eye.

Abby is in danger from her lover and her sister

Zack came across Scott and Abby as they were going through his personal possessions. Ms. Newman convinced him she loved him and wanted them to run away together and her ruse almost worked. Zack, however, caught a glance between the duo and immediately realized that they are now lovers. He became enraged when Abby would not admit that she slept with Scott. She talks him down but becomes frantic when he says he has no choice but to shoot Mr. Granger because he would track them wherever they went. Zack pushes her in Scott's direction and pulls the trigger.

Back at Newman Neil expresses his shock that Victoria allowed the press to believe that her sister may have been working with Zack and the prostitution ring.

He is even more distressed that Victor agreed with Vicky's tactic to throw Abby under the bus for the sake of the company. At a time when Abby's life is in danger, Vicky is allowing her personal feelings to take over with no clue that her sister's life is at risk. The ice princess is back and taking no prisoners as she affirms to Neil that she is Neman COO and her father will always back her.

Jack and Ashley have Abby and Dina on their minds

Jack and his sister truly had their plates full on Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless." They were frantically awaiting news that Abby is safe when troubling information regarding their mother came to light. Jack had a psychiatrist come to the Abbott home and give Dina some cognitive tests.

She answered most questions well, but those she did not she tried to joke about in order to throw her son and the doctor off. The last thing Ms. Mergeron was asked to do, was draw a clock that showed the time as 9:00. At that point, Jack asked the doctor to leave without analyzing Dina's picture.

Later Ashley sees it and is shocked that her mother could not complete the image of a clock. At that point, Jack tries to pretend nothing is wrong but Ashley insists they deal with the truth and her brother sorrowfully announces that Dina has Alzheimer's disease. Make sure you don't miss Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" on CBS and find out the following: Did Zack shoot Scott or Abby, or was he somehow shot himself. How will Dina's children deal with her cognitive decline, and will Victoria eat crow when she realizes she was wrong about her sister.