Head writer/executive producer Bradley Bell recently gave an interview to let fans know the direction "The Bold and the Beautiful will soon be taking. There will be recasts, characters with front burner storylines and also those who for now will remain sidelined. Fans already know that Thorne Forrester is returning and has been recast with Ingo Rademacher now taking over the role. The fates of other favorite characters are not so certain. The roles of Thomas, Caroline, Zende, and Nicole have not yet been defined, but Rick will soon be front and center once more.

Maya, however, is going to remain in the background for now.

Changes in 'The Bold and the Beautiful' cast

Bell said that Reign Edwards who portrayed Nicole is working on other projects so now is not the time to bring her character back to LA. Both Pierson Fode (Thomas) and Rome Flynn(Zende) did not renew their contracts and are seeking greener pastures. There are no plans to recast any of these characters, but Ingo Rademacher will soon be on screen as the new Thorne Forrester.

Lynsey Godfrey who portrays Caroline is also on hold and Bradley Bell has not yet decided her fate.The same is true for Maya who is stuck on back burner status. Bell said he is not yet sure how to develop this character so she will continue to be a supportive wife and loving mother for now.

He mentioned that Rick, however, will be front and center once Thorne arrives in town. There will no doubt be bad blood and competition between all of Eric's sons once they are in close proximity again.

Bradley Bell promises intrigue with other characters

Bradley Bell also touched on the fate of other favorite characters on "The Bold and the Beautiful." He hinted that Steffy may be torn between her husband and father in law because Liam and Bill appeal to her in different ways.

The revelation that princess Steffy slept with her husband's father will be huge and cause all kinds of drama. He also mentioned that Sheila would remain on the landscape and there will be issues in the marriage of Eric and Quinn.

Thorne will be the biggest change as he is returning ready for battle in the fashion world. Bell says Thorne has been working with some of the biggest and best European designers and is ready to take on Ridge. it sounds like things are going to be pretty interesting so make sure you don't miss an episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" by tuning in each weekday afternoon at 1:30 PM on CBS.