As we have seen in the last Thor Movie "Thor: The Dark World" in the final scene Loki betrayed his brother again, disguised as their father "Odin" to rule Asgard. During all that time Thor thought that he died by sacrificing himself.

Movie Brief

The movie starts with Thor, locked in a cage by Satur, an old villain who fought Odin, Thor had a vision that Asgard was all covered in fire. Satur somehow knows about the vision and tells him that this is Ragnarok and it will be unleashed upon Asgard soon.

This movie does for Thor what "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" did for Captain America.

We all saw the Captain in "The First Avenger," cool and strong but in "The Winter Soldier," he was something else. In this movie, it’s the same, we get to see "Chris Hemsworth" revealing his funny-badass side.

A Fateful Encounter

After Thor escaped from Satur by pulling off his horn, he returned to Asgard only to find Loki disguised as Odin sitting on the throne of Asgard having fun watching a play of his death. When Thor finds out that he is Loki, he asks him where their father is, he replies that he left him on Earth.

The two brothers go back to Earth where Loki left Odin. Suddenly Loki falls off a magic portal and disappears. Turns out its Doctor Strange’s doing. He is now a Master Sorcerer it seems He easily opens magic portals everywhere, to go anywhere.

It was great to see Doctor Strange again, it made us see how powerful he became.

Thor tells him that he is looking for his father, so the Doctor helps him and brings Loki back after he has been falling for about half an hour in the magic portal.

When they go to Odin's location they see him gazing upon the horizon and he warns them about an Evil that is coming for Asgard.

Hela’s Revenge

Odin warns the two brothers about a threat that is coming upon them, turns out they had an older sister, "Hela," played by Cate Blanchett, who gave a stunning performance. Hela fought with Odin in a lot of wars in the past and conquered many planets, the reason he didn’t mention her at all was because she turned dark and her actions were driven by a lust for power.

She wanted the Throne for herself so Odin had her sent away for good.

While held prisoner far away, she was absorbing her power from Asgard. Now she became very powerful and she is coming back to reclaim the Throne and conquer Asgard.

Planet Sakkar

After Hela’s encounter, Thor's hammer was destroyed. He was teleported to another planet while Hela entered Asgard easily.

This Planet is Sakkar ruled by the GrandMaster, played by, "Jeff Goldblum" who gave an amazing performance which showed us the Goldblum of old.

Thor gets to meet the GrandMaster and learns about Sakkar, he can't return to Asgard unless he fights the GrandMaster's champion and we all know who he is "The Hulk", the green guy looks the best he ever has since he has been green for two years now after "Age of Ultron", like somehow "Hulk’s mind" is taking over Bruce Banner's body.

Before the fight of the champions, Thor meets two new lovable characters Korg and Valkyrie.

"Korg " is played by Taika Waititi, the director himself, a Sakaarian combatant. Korg's rocky, colossal frame manner belies, his fun, sweet character with a soft voice and low-key nature. He just goes for the gag, whenever he appears, he undercuts the drama that is running through the sequence.

"Valkyrie" is played by Tessa Thompson, who proves to be a wise casting choice. She plays Valkyrie as a hard-drinking cynic who’s turned her back on her Asgardian past.

God of Thunder

For all the times we saw Thor, he always looked so dependent on his hammer which he did everything with it.

What made this movie so lovable, is that we got to see the God Of Thunder’s true power.

The hammer was merely teaching him how to control it. He first used his true power while fighting Hulk and that was an epic fight between the two characters.

The Revengers

While Hela was taking over Asgard, "Heimdall" played by Idris Elba was the only true hero who was trying to save the Asgardians from her wrath until Thor comes to the rescue.

Thor assembles his team of people who will take revenge. Him, Hulk and Valkyrie escape from Sakkar by taking the GrandMaster's ship to fly back to Asgard and stop Hela from taking over the throne.

The last part of the movie was really entertaining I loved every second of it, actually, the whole movie gave us a new feel for Thor like never before and now after he awakened his true powers he will be one of the most powerful characters in the MCU.

The visuals were great along with the action scenes. Every character was wonderful and astonishing. They all had a chemistry between them. It was so well directed and hopefully, we see more of the badass Revengers soon.