Blasting News recently got the chance to talk to Vera, the director for this new series, "TWO Sentence HORROR STORIES." This is a new digital network from Warner Bros. Digital Networks. You can watch this series which is airing on Verizon go90. It is all up now so this is the perfect show to binge if you have some extra time this weekend. The final episode was put up last night on Halloween. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out and here is what Vera had to say about the show.

Interview with Vera of "Two Sentence Horror Stories"

How did “Two Sentence Horror Stories” come about?

"I brought the idea to Stage 13, a division of Warner Bros Digital Networks. I'd followed the two sentence horror stories phenomenon like any fan and loved the creativity and that they are a blend of classic, old-fashioned ghost stories within new virtual communities like Reddit. They manage to be evocative and open-ended at the same time. I pitched an anthology series inspired by two sentence horror stories that would grapple with contemporary social issues, and reflect the diversity of today's audiences. The folks at Stage 13 responded to the idea immediately."

What can viewers expect from these episodes?

"Hopefully a fresh, updated and cinematic take on classic, intelligent, psychological horror."

Is each week a stand-alone or do you need to see the week before?

"They are stand-alone episodes, a la Twilight Zone and Black Mirror."

Any plans for more of these in the future?

"Yup, we're working on a season 2."

How can you watch this show?

The show "TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES" can be watched on Verizon go90. It is an original on there and you simply just have to search for the show and you can watch it.

The latest one on there is fifteen minutes long, so it won't take long to catch up at all. It sounds like you will want to watch all of it, but even if you don't remember that these are stand-alone so you can simply watch one and then take a break and come back to it later. You could even start with the one you think looks the best.

I am going to pick one out right in the middle.

There are so many new ways to watch shows now and Verison go90 is just one of them. They seem to have a lot of shows on there that you may have never seen or even favorites from the past that you can check out at the same time as checking out "TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES." Everyone loves a good horror story. A lot of fans of "The Twilight Zone" have been looking for something similar to watch for years and now they may have finally found it.

What did you think of this new series? Are you excited for season two? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about this new series that is out now.