Just a week ago, Blizzard released Halloween Terror event in "Overwatch" for the second straight year. The Halloween event was very popular in 2016, mostly because it added some of the most amazing skins in the game, and the game developer is hoping for the same success this year. Once again, players are amazed by the new cosmetic items, but they also have a chance to buy last year's items for a lower price.

"Overwatch" players are able to obtain new items through Halloween loot boxes and these will be available until November 2. These loot boxes will drop this year's Halloween Terror items, as well as the items from the last year's event.

However, there is one exception as players can no longer obtain tombstone victory poses from Halloween Terror 2016. Apparently, this could change loot box drops completely as Blizzard will no longer be adding unpopular items to them.

No more victory poses

Josh Engen, Blizzard's community manager, posted the loot box update in "Overwatch" forums. He made it clear that the tombstone victory poses will no longer be obtainable through loot boxes, with the exception of Reaper and his victory pose.

However, it is important to note that these victory poses haven't been removed from the game. Instead, the game developer just decided to remove them from the new Halloween loot boxes, but "Overwatch" players can still obtain them through Hero Gallery.

Considering that these poses were added to the game last year, players can unlock them at a discounted price, which is 75 in-game credits.

Engeg announced another change in the forum post. The community manager wrote that Blizzard added a new series of pumpkin-themed victory poses for this year's Halloween event. Unlike the tombstone victory poses, the new poses are obtainable through loot boxes and players can unlock them for 225 credits in Hero Gallery.

Blizzard's explanation

"While the tombstone victory poses certainly capture the spookiness of Halloween, we don’t think they speak to our heroes’ personalities very well," wrote Josh Engen in his post. He added that Reaper is an exception for obvious reasons as the tombstone victory pose reflects his character and personality.

In reality, tombstone victory poses were not popular among "Overwatch" players, so this could be another reason why Blizzard decided to remove them from the loot boxes. Because of this, we can expect the game developer to keep removing unpopular items from event loot boxes.