Michelle Duggar has been the target of some harsh comments since walking into the realm of reality television. Her religious beliefs coupled with the number of children she has worked against her when it came to critics. Duggar and her husband, Jim Bob have been in the spotlight for several years now. They have endured joy and loss while filming a reality show, but nothing prepared them for what happened when Josh Duggar's hidden past was revealed to the world.

Parenting fail

The Josh Duggar scandal changed how many women viewed Michelle Duggar. They believed she would have done anything to protect her children and some have voiced concern that she didn't with her daughters.

Aside from that, Michelle Duggar is criticized for her lack of raising her own children. With Jana Duggar doing the majority of the child care, fans are left wondering what Michelle does all day. According to In Touch Weekly, there are plenty of theories about what Duggar does all day, but nothing concrete.

With the number of children Michelle Duggar has, there has to be a lot of work put into every single day. There is homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, and other odds and ends. With Jana Duggar being the only adult sister left in the family's home, she is responsible for a lot. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar do speaking engagements and travel, and having Jana around is great for those situations.

But is Michelle actually busy, or is she just trying to keep her oldest daughter home to raise the children?

More controversy

With the holidays upon us, there are going to be plenty more opportunities to slam Michelle Duggar. This happens every year when the family shared their holiday photos. Jana spends a lot of time cooking and baking for the family, something the Duggars love and appreciate.

Michelle is often questioned about why she isn't helping with the preparation, especially when they have extended family at their home as well. There are plenty of questions surrounding Michelle Duggar and her lack of effort in her home. What does she really do all day? Why is Jana more responsible for the children than her mother?

As fans wait to find out whether “Counting On” will return or not, they are focused on followed the Duggar's social media accounts. Maybe over the next few months, Michelle Duggar will be more active with her children instead of only being visible when a birthday or special occasion arrives.