"Overwatch" is known for its amazing events that occur every few months. These events are usually related to the real-life events, and very soon, we will have another Halloween event. Last year, Blizzard introduced us to the Halloween Terror event. The event brought a lot of new things in the game, including new skins, a new map, and even a new game mode.

After last year's debut, Blizzard is planning to bring back the Halloween-based event. According to the latest leak, it seems the event is just around the corner. Last "Overwatch" event was Summer Games, which ended on August 29.

Fortunately for "Overwatch" players, they won't have to wait much longer as the leak suggests that the new event will start on October 9.

Halloween Terror 2017?

The leak originated on Reddit where user darthchiapet posted an image of an "Overwatch" balance card. The information about the potential release date comes from the label on the card. "GME" stands for GameStop and POSA is an acronym for Point of Sale Activated. Furthermore, the label contains "10/9/17" which indicates that the release date of the event is October 9.

While this leak could turn out to be fake, it most likely is not.

Last year's Halloween Terror event started on October 11, so it makes sense that Blizzard starts on October 10 this year. The event ended on November 1, which means that it will most likely last around three weeks once again.

As you see in the image above, it is very well made and it does look like an official image made by Blizzard.

However, nothing has been confirmed yet, so there is a chance that the release date is misleading.

Event preparation

Blizzard had a pleasant surprise for "Overwatch" players when they announced that legendary skins from Summer Games 2016 event would be discounted. These skins usually cost 3,000 credits, but this year's Summer Games event made last year's event skins cost only 1,000 credits.

Because of this, we can expect the game developer to do the same thing once again. Last year, Blizzard released four legendary skins (Dr. Junkenstein for Junkrat, Witch for Mercy, Pumpkin for Reaper and Junkenstein's Monster for Roadhog) for Halloween Terror event, and this year, they will most likely cost only 1,000 credits. These skins are simply amazing, so you better start saving credits in order to buy them.

Beside last year's event skins, "Overwatch" players will probably get a few more legendary skins. These will cost 3,000, but there is no doubt they will look incredibly good!