The drama between Bill, Steffy, and Liam is about to heat up. For months, the Spencer family drama has been one of the core storylines on "The Bold and the Beautiful". The father and son have been arguing recently due to Liam’s partnership with Sally Spectra. Now, the two men may have another woman that could destroy their family bond, Liam’s wife, Steffy.

The family drama

The feud within the Spencer clan started with Bill’s desire to destroy Sally Spectra’s business. Liam was against his father’s plan and sided with Sally during the Spencer/Spectra battle.

The news didn’t sit well with Bill, who was now at odds with his oldest son. As the two men continued to quarrel, Steffy found herself playing peacemaker, often taking Bill’s side in the fight.

Liam’s devotion to Sally has not only caused friction between him and Bill but with Steffy as well. Steffy didn’t like her husband spending so much time with Miss Spectra, who has been a source of trouble for Steffy’s family. Despite the objects from Bill and Steffy, Liam continued his quest to help Sally.

The battle between Spencer and Spectra soon came to a head when Bill wanted to demolish the old Spectra building. Liam not going down without a fight staged a sit-in protest with Sally. However, their protest nearly cost them their lives when Bill ordered the building’s destruction, not know the two were still inside.

While trapped in the rubble, Liam and Sally’s friendship turned romantic when they shared a kiss. Following their rescue, Sally wanted to forget about their kiss, but Liam couldn’t. Needing to be honest with his wife, Liam confessed to Steffy. A distraught Steffy left Liam and sought comfort from Bill. Steffy and Bill’s comforting talk soon led to lovemaking, and now could lead to a bigger storyline.

What's next for Steffy?

Bill and Steffy’s tryst is bound to cause even more turmoil in the Spencer clan. Longtime soap fans already have a good idea of how this will play out. In a couple of weeks, Steffy will discover she’s pregnant, leading to a who’s the daddy storyline.

All soap operas have done this storyline, and "The Bold and the Beautiful" is notorious for recycling this plot.

They’ve done this story with characters such as Brooke, Amber, and Caroline. Now, it looks like Steffy is the latest woman to be involved in this storyline.

The upcoming pregnancy storyline is going to have implications for everyone involved. Will Steffy and Liam’s marriage be able to survive her betrayal? Will this lead Steffy and Bill becoming a couple? And will Liam dump Steffy for Sally?

But the most important question is who will be the father of Steffy’s baby? Fans are already choosing sides in the romance triangle. Dedicated Liam fans want him to be the daddy, while others want Bill to be the father. Well, fans will have to wait to see the drama unfold in this paternity storyline.