On 'The Bold and the Beautiful," Dollar Bill Spencer decided that Sally Spectra is his new nemesis. Bill was going to purchase and raze the old "Spectra Fashions" building in order to erect a skyscraper. Thomas helped Sally to stay in business and Bill has been her enemy ever since. Now that Bill's son and Ms. Spectra are becoming friends, this will make things quite interesting.

The budding friendship between Liam and Sally

Initially, Liam was leery of Sally because all he knew about her came from his dad. He began to soften after finding out that Bill paid Jarret to write a negative review of "Spectra Fashions," which caused Sally to panic and steal "Forrester Creations" designs.

Sally could not raise the money to pay her rent, and Bill was about to swoop in and take over. Liam did the right thing and warned Thomas who provided the money to keep Spectra afloat.

Now that he has met her and seen the quality of "Spectra Fashions" during the Monte Carlo fashion show, Liam is beginning to warm up towards Ms. Spectra. On Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," he was in her office and the two were talking like old friends. Sally confided in Liam that his cousin Caroline was dying and that's why Thomas was with her in New York. Liam smells a rat and goes straight to Dollar Bill, who does not deny that he lied so his niece and her baby daddy will be together.

Liam will lose no matter what choice he makes

Bill told his son that he would fire him and cut him off from the family if he told Thomas or Sally that Caroline is not dying. Liam is stunned and immediately goes to his wife Steffy but she sides with Bill. Liam realizes that with Thomas in New York, Sally cannot handle the business by herself.

If she fails, his dad will take over ownership of the building, raze it and erect his sky scraper. If he tells Thomas and Sally the truth, he will lose his job and the relationship he is building with his father. This will also cause problems with his wife who hates Sally and wants her out of her brother's life.

Should Liam turn a blind eye to Dollar Bill's devious manipulation, he will have to watch as Sally loses everything.

In the past, Bill Spencer's son has always done the right thing and this is why Liam has been nicknamed the boy-scout. Spoiler alerts suggest the truth will come out and Liam may be the one to break the news. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" week days at 1:30 p.m. EST on "CBS," to find out what choice Liam Spencer makes. Watch each day to see if spoiler alerts are correct.