More and more information regarding the next episodes of Dragon Ball Super” is pouring out. This time the latest release of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has published the Synopsis of episode 116, which will be released on November 19th. We must note that such synopsis confirms that information released by Animedia and Animage.

Synopsis of episode 116

Title: The return of the prophecy. The violent explosion of the Ultra-Instinct!

Subtitle: Goku vs Kefla! The Ultra-Instinct returns?

Release date: November 19th

Synopsis: Even though transformed into Super Saiyan God Blue, Son Goku is being pressed by Kefla’s power, but in his direst moment theMigatte no Gokui (Ultra-Instinct) is released once again.

With his new transformation unleashed, Goku is able to revert the situation and turn the table in his favor.

Noticing Son Goku’s sudden and violent rise to power, Jiren, who defeated him before, is now interested in facing him one more time in his new stage.

Such as Animedia and Animage previously informed, the battle between Goku and Kefla is still on its course, pushing the Saiyan from Universe 7 towards the Ultra-Instinct once more. Though it is very likely that Goku will eventually manage to defeat Kefla, the heavy usage of stamina to upkeep his new transformation will be his biggest problem. Let’s consider that Goku isn’t yet fully adapted to his new transformation, and with his body wearing off he may become an easy target for the warrior of love Ribrianne.

Regarding Jiren, let’s recall that after defeating both Goku and Hit, he now lies meditating as he considers that there is no enemy that requires his attention since none in the arena can match his power. Now due to Goku’s sudden explosion of power, Jiren’s interest has been awakened once more, and surely a rematch between these two warriors will soon take place.

Yet we expect that such a battle will not take place until Goku manages to dominate his brand new Ultra-Instinct.

Let’s recall that this Sunday the battle between Goku and the fusion of Kale and Caulifla will continue, pressing Goku and forcing him to switch to Super Saiyan Blue. Yet the power of this transformation will seemingly not be enough to deal with Kefla.

On a second note, before the episode is televised, a promotional video will be released in which the singer Kiyoshi Hikawa, singer of the second opening of DBS, will be its narrator.

Additional Information

The next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on November 19. It will feature the continuation of the fight between Ultra-Instinct Goku and the powerful Kefla.

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