The elimination of Hit was undoubtedly an event that left many fans of "Dragon Ball Super," saddened because the hit man of the Universe 6 was a character loved by the fans of the series created by Akira Toriyama, and this ended his participation in the tournament sooner than many imagined.

Although it seems absurd, a theory which has gathered strength in the last days is that Hit, who possesses very advanced temporal space techniques, was not eliminated.

Hit vs Jiren

This hypothesis mentions that Hit, who can manipulate time, created a ghost to mislead Jiren, while his real body is hidden in another dimension.

As everyone knows, Hit stores time and, thanks to that, can create different dimensions where you can hide your true body. So far, the killer of the Universe 6 used this technique as a defensive resource.

After being eliminated, the "ghost" created by Hit, left the platform, while his real body is hidden in a dimension that he created himself, within the world of emptiness. Then you can see an image, in which we see the supposed ghost created by Hit, which is off the platform:

True or false theory?

The theory, although logical, cannot be real, since, unfortunately, we have several indications that affirm to us that Hit is eliminated from the tournament of the power.

The first of them is that, when entering his dimension, and leaving a ghost of himself, Hit's ghostly body adopts an aura of purple color, which makes us realize that it is not the original. As you saw in the picture, the character has no aura, so we can say that it is the real Hit.

The last piece of information that discards this theory is that after Hit fell off the platform, Daishinkan, a claimed the elimination of Hit.

This is in addition to the fact that one of the most powerful warriors was eliminated.

It would be illogical that the high priest, who can see through the deceptive techniques of Hit, helps the participant with his strategy since it would be (indirectly) helping the Universe 6. Therefore, after stating that Hit was eliminated we assume that Hit fell off the platform, and unfortunately will not again participate in the tournament of power.

Additional information

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