It has not been that long since the new anime Dragon Ball Heroes” was announced and fan expectations are already off the charts. I’m confident that you, like every good fan, will not want to miss a single episode and will enjoy this new section of the franchise. Just a few hours ago, the official synopsis of the first episode was revealed on YouTube, along with some leaked images.

If your curiosity has you eager enough to know all the news about this new anime, you should take a moment to visit the official website. So far, the website only has two options: An introduction, and a brief storyline of the anime.

With the first one, you will find some additional information about “Dragon Ball Heroes," its date of creation and its origins as a Japanese gaming platform directed at young people. With the second option, you will have more insights into the plot of the anime itself.

Synopsis of “Dragon Ball Heroes”

The first episode will introduce the series, the installment will be titled, “Planet Prison.” The episode will feature future Trunks, who will be one of the main characters. As Goku and Vegeta ready themselves to train once again, they will travel to Beerus’ planet and will then be visited by future Trunks, who suddenly disappears after meeting the two. A mysterious character named Fu then appears and tells them that Vegeta’s son is trapped between universes, in a dimension called “Planet Prison.”

All signs point to the episode being released on June 1st, although no official word has been made yet.

Now Goku and Vegeta will have to gather the Dragon Ball and endure several battles along the way to attempt to rescue Trunks from his entrapment. Will they be able to save future Trunks one more time?

As far as we know, the saga will also be released as a manga.

The "Dragon Ball Super" movie is coming soon

"Dragon Ball Super" will be available in theaters located in Japan on December 14, 2018.

Fans are hoping for a simultaneous worldwide release. However, Toei Animation has yet to give any confirmation on this for fans of the show. The upcoming movie will feature Frieza and the story of the Saiyans that fans have been ultra excited to hear more about. With the extreme popularity of the series, directors are working extra hard to get things done on time so that the movie comes out on its projected release date.

Check back with us frequently to learn more information as it becomes available to the public.