Even though there is no official news regarding what may come after the events that happened during the Tournament of Power, many things are keeping the fans interested in the Franchise. Among such things I can mention the game “Dragon Ball Legends.” There is also the animated movie (with the same title) that will be released before this year ends. But what has recently caught the attention of all the fans is the introduction of a possible new character, a swordsman by what we can judge.

Recent leaks about the franchise

On the popular social network Twitter, Tony Redgrave TDC, one of the creators of content for the anime, shared an image of a possible new character that we may expect to see in the next plots.

The image shows a very unusual character design since it seems that he wields two swords. He also wears quite a unique hairstyle for the franchise, a ponytail. Judging by these looks, the fans are inclined to believe that he may probably be some sort of ninja.

The franchise has already introduced several swordsmen in the story, one of such being Future Trunks, who used his sword to destroy Lord Frieza inDragon Ball Z.” In a rage attack, Vegeta's first son even severed the villain into little pieces with it, which eventually caused Shenron to have some difficulties in reviving him during “Dragon Ball Super.”

The three new characters

Shallot is the main character in the history of the game. After a mysterious space-time distortion that impacts all epochs, he ends up meeting Goku.

Shallot is a primitive Saiyajin of the past, coming from the Planet Sadara of the Universe 7, that is to say, the planet that was inhabited the saiyajins, before emigrating to the planet Vegeta.

Shallot's armor is similar to that of the saiyajines of Universe 6, since the latter did not suffer the colonization of Frieza and, therefore, do not wear that armor.

Shallot suffers from amnesia. He does not remember anything about his past, however, he is an aggressive Saiyan with little patience. The name of Shallot is similar to the name that Vegeta had thought of for Bra when he was born. Both come from Shallot, a vegetable.

Zaha is a young swordsman who also has mastery of magic. Zaha comes from a distant place.

He has a quiet personality and is thoughtful. He helps Shallot and the others.

Man hooded (no name), is traveling and destroying some things. His true identity is a mystery but his face and armor under his clothes are much like those of Shallot.

Note that these Characters will fight in what the game called the "Tournament of Time," where we will surely find different fighters from all of time.