Was the strongest warrior from Universe 6 truly eliminated?. So far, it would seem that Hit, the Legendary Assassin has been defeated and taken out of the arena. But then, there is still a question lingering in our minds. Why didn’t Zen-oh press Hit’s elimination button on his Godpad?

The question we cannot overlook

This is a question that we can’t overlook, as we know that Zen-oh has always pressed the elimination button for every warrior that left or was thrown away from the arena.

Back at the special episode, the Grand Priest stated that Jiren was not going to be disqualified since Goku was supposedly killed by his own technique.

Now, on episode 111, he has declared Hit as “eliminated,” although his words may not be exactly accurate since Zen-oh has yet to press Hit’s disqualification button on his Godpad.

As we all know, Hit is more than a thousand years old and most likely this great warrior has developed some sort of strategy to face Jiren. Probably he has created another dimension and fooled Jiren into fighting some sort of clone while he is still in the arena. This theory comes from the polls available on many social networks, which state that the legendary assassin from Universe 6 was not truly defeated yet.

In addition to this, and according to official information, it is mentioned that in episode 114 a super warrior will make his entrance.

It is not yet fully confirmed who this contender may be, but one thing is certain: The speculations are rising.

A few weeks ago, Toei Animation released an image in which Gohan, Goku, Hit and an unknown warrior were shown. Curiously, this secret warrior does indeed physically look pretty much like the great assassin from Universe 6.

In fact, he even wears the same boots Hit does.

So far there is no warrior capable of facing Universe 11 strongest warrior, as both Goku and Hit are seriously wounded. According to Cabba’s words, Hit has the intention of eliminating Jiren, and this also supports the theory that he may not be yet out of combat.

What will happen in episode 114?

It has been mentioned many times during these last few months that Vegeta will have the chance to face Hit one more time in the Tournament of Power, so this is also another reason to believe that Champa’s strongest warrior is still in the arena and surely return to action without his armor in episode 114.

We know that both Piccolo and Goku use weight suits as a way to train constantly, and when taking those clothes off, their fighting capabilities improve drastically. It is possible that Hit’s armor may fulfill the same role and that without his armor he may grow even stronger.