Chevy Chase's Rapid 50-plus pound weight loss over the past couple of months has sparked new concerns for the actor's friends and family members. Hollywood News Daily reports that questions concerning the "Modern Problem" star Chevy Chase's health reveal that those closest to Chase are fearing the worst.

Chevy Chase unrecognizable, sparks concern

It is no Hollywood secret that Chevy Chase has overindulged during the past several decades, Whether it be food, drugs or alcohol Chevy's bad habits appear to have taken a major toll on the former "Saturday Night Live" regular's health in his later years.

Now 74-years-old Chevy's friends are now afraid that the funny man may have let things get out of hand. In just a couple of months, Chase has dropped more than 50 pounds from his previous 304-pound frame.

Rehab may have failed former 'SNL' a third time

Pals of Chase believe that the sudden and drastic weight loss could be a sign that Chevy's body is in trouble and that he may be experiencing extreme liver damage or even pancreatic cancer as a result of decades of over alcohol abuse.

The celebrity news site writes that specialist, NYC internist Stuart Fischer, who states, that though he has never treated Chase, the actor's appearance reveals extreme health issues.

He also states that Chase, 74, poor health appears to have aged the star about 30-years in the past five.

He is"undoubtedly suffering" from serious liver issues due to a heavy and abusive alcohol addiction according to the doctor. The extreme former weight gain, and now sudden and rapid loss is very hard on a body and can cause major issues with the heart, cholesterol and blood pressure. A dangerous trio that could put Chase at risk for a deadly and fatal heart attack.

As previously reported, Chase checked into a rehab facility in 2016, his third-lifetime rehab stint. Chase claims he is now sober, however, those close to the actor have their doubts and believe Chevy could very well still be abusing alcohol. This is not the first time Chevy Chase health issues have sparked concern for his friends and fans.

Back in 2014, Chase sparked major fan concern after the actor was spotted out in public looking nearly unrecognizable, very bloated, overweight, and unhealthy in appearance.

More than three years have passed, and Chase is making news headlines once again. Whatever is going on with Chevy Chase's health at this time, we wish him the best and hope that things are not as dire for the "Christmas Vacation" star as his friends fear. What are your thoughts on Chevy Chase's weight loss?