Since the very beginning of Dragon Ball Super” many rumors have been circulating on the internet. In its early episodes the series suffered from poor animation, the characters looked quite childish, and there was a lot of absurd censure in many episodes.

All this contributed to fans saying that the series would not last 100 episodes. If we recall, the series was released in July 2015, and today, it is more than two-years-old and has finally reached episode 114. This is something that very few thought possible.

As many of you may be aware, it is almost Confirmed that the saga will last 133 episodes.

This information was obtained thanks to the leak of an image in which all the complete episodes were shown, including the BluRay versions. According to the titles, we’ve been able to imply that the ending episodes of the saga will match the ending of the Tournament of Power.

The end draws near

We know all this thanks to an interview made by the web portal Tokyo Mision to Hiroyuki Sakurada and Masatoshi Chioka (the director and the producer of “Dragon Ball Super”). In that interview, there were some questions regarding the duration of the saga.

The Tournament of Power will end on March 2018

If math is correct, this supposed ending date matches with the 133 episodes described in the leaked image, plus some fill-up episodes.

This would supposedly explain the end of “Dragon Ball Super,” regarding “Dragon Ball Z.”

This news is saddening for the fans of this great series, which did have some minor “glitches” in its early moments, but today is at its peak. The Tournament of Power has become a very thrilling contest and the audience levels are supporting it with the highest amount of followers the series has ever had.

Also, the animations have been drastically improved, which is a clear sign of success.

Yet, for us who still want to see more from “Dragon Ball Super,” not everything is lost. In the very same interview, it was also asked if there was a chance of continuing the series after the ending of the Universe Survival saga, and this was their answer: “Dragon Ball will continue on series, video games and OVAs platforms.”

Yet the last statement is not fully confirmed since there are certain issues to be discussed with the creator Akira Toriyama.

On another subject, it was revealed that in the last days of the current year, very particular information will be revealed. Rumors say that a new OVA is on its way and many theories about its plot are already spreading through the web. One of the most accepted theories by the fans is that of a story in which the Prince of the Saiyans Vegeta will visit Cabba’s planet.

Should this theory be confirmed, it would be an amazing story which will let us all know a bit more about the Saiyans from Universe 6 and their culture. What will the reaction of the King of the Sarada planet be, when meeting Vegeta? Which characters will appear in this possible new movie?. Will Jiren and the Pride Troopers show up?.

Something is certain; “Dragon Ball Super” is really putting up some suspense with the limited information about its future.