Some might say "General Hospital's" Sam McCall has what we might call a good problem. It is not every woman who is wooed by two hunks in the form of Billy Miller and Steve Burton. Both at the moment are claiming to be her husband, Jason.

Sam accepted Billy Miller's "Jake Doe" character after learning that he was her husband, Jason, believed dead. In fact, the two share a child together named Scout. Sam thinks they share two children together, Danny and Scout. But do they?

In walks a guy who is the spitting image of her dead husband, or the husband she has currently before his plastic surgery.

She wakes up in the hospital after being drugged and thrown into the river to see -- the original Jason, Steve Burton. "It was you," she says, realizing that she saw him when he saved her.

What is Sam really thinking?

The Billy Miller "Jason" is unhappy. He has reason to be, but is there more behind it? Did he know all along that he wasn't Jason? He seems to be urging Sam to tell him that she knows that he is Jason Morgan. He seems desperate. Well, anyone would be, I guess.

Sam informed Franco on November 6 that this new Jason OG (the Internet's name for Steve Burton) who has already attacked him is going to kick his you-know-what, and she can't wait to see it. So in her heart, does she think Steve Burton is her Jason?

Franco could lose either way

Since both Jasons want to kill Franco, he is in trouble, and it is not going to matter which Jason is which. He has told new Jason that the boy in the photo with him was actually his brother Drew, Jason OG's twin, but he's dead. And he showed Franco and Elizabeth a death certificate. If you've been in Port Charles for any length of time, you know that if DNA results can be switched and blood tests can be altered, a little thing like a death certificate is a cinch to fake.

Jason OG is currently in prison. Once he's sprung, there will be two Jasons vying for Sam. Which is which depends on several circumstances. One is, are the writers going to remember everything they've written thus far? It's so confusing, one couldn't blame them for the occasional lapse.

Has the 'General Hospital' audience figured out the truth?

According to the psychiatrist Andre, five years ago, he took the memories of one twin and implanted them in the brain of the other. So that would mean that Steve Burton is the true Jason OG because he was "killed" five years ago, and Billy Miller didn't come along until later. Yet producer Frank Valentini has been quoted as saying, "No one has guessed right." He claims this entire plot is "all laid out."

Plots can be changed. How do I know this? I refer to the "Twin Lukes" story arc. A Luke lookalike appeared with a different personality. A lot of the fans said, "Oh, that's Bill Eckert," referring to Luke's lookalike cousin who died some years back.

Later it was revealed that indeed, it was supposed to be Bill Eckert, but it was changed because everybody guessed. This was confirmed in a report by Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

So one theory is that these Jasons were switched long ago, perhaps even when Jason had the accident that caused brain damage and turned him from Jason Quartermaine to Jason Morgan. That would mean that Steve Burton is really Drew (but posed for years as the Jason the fans were used to) and that Billy Miller was actually the baby named Jason, switched, and arrived a few years ago as "Jake Doe" and then Jason. If you're confused, think how they must feel. And who in their right mind would do this?

I'm thinking this is the clever twist that's been thought up, but many people have suggested it as a possibility.

So perhaps the writers will have to look at their plans again. It's very hard to keep secrets from soap fans. Not only that, but soap fans can be an angry bunch. They might not like the idea that they were fooled for so many years.