The life of Lindsey Stirling is a story of fame and success. She has millions of YouTube subscribers, hit original songs, and has made it far on season 25 of, "Dancing with the Stars". The life of Lindsey Stirling, however, is also a story of pain and struggle. Lindsey began struggling with anorexia in college and still battles weight fluctuations now.

Her fight with anorexia and depression

Lindsey Stirling first began her struggle with anorexia when she reached college. Refusing to gain weight, she began to count her calories. Soon enough, it became an obsession.

She would skip meals, depriving herself of vital nutrients. Due to the poor nutrition her body and brain were receiving, Lindsey began to suffer from depression. She even stopped Playing The Violin, a passion she had held from a young age.

Once Lindsey realized that her mental and physical health was deteriorating, she decided to make a change. She began playing the violin again, attended therapy, and practiced positive affirmation. Slowly but surely, she gained back the weight that she had lost and recovered her health.

Lindsey's continuing struggles

While Lindsey remains happy and healthy, both mentally and physically, she does still struggle with weight fluctuation. Just this week she admitted that she dropped 8 pounds in the first weeks of filming of season 25 of "Dancing with the Stars".

About her weight loss, she said, "I dipped lower than I've been in a long time and I was like, 'That's not good,' because I was also gaining muscle and just losing so much fat…".

She even said that the people who fit her in wardrobe would comment on her weight loss. While this was a stressful time for Lindsey, there's no need to worry for the dancing violinist.

Lindsey says that she has since maintained her weight, likely using the methods she employed while overcoming her Eating Disorder.

Aside from her eating habits, Lindsey is now struggling with a broken or fractured rib. Fans worry about her health and how the injury will affect her performance on "Dancing with the Stars". She has made it far in the competition, impressing both judges and fans, and it would be a huge disappointment if she had to drop out of the competition after doing so well.

Despite the pain, Lindsey still performed with the injury and managed to dance beautifully. Lindsey also went through a breakup with her long-term boyfriend during the show. She never fails to impress with her raw talent, dedication, and resilience. Way to go, Lindsey!