On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Ashley forces her stepbrother to use his key to open Dina's hotel room door. Once inside Ms. Abbott finds her mother unconscious on the floor. Graham hangs back because earlier he had argued with Ms. Mergeron and left her there to die. Spoiler alerts from Celebdirtylaundry indicate that on Tuesday, doctors will determine that Dina had a stroke. This will lead to her daughter and her companion blaming each other and getting into a fight. Jack will have to intervene to keep his sister from doing something she will later regret.

Graham fights with Ashley as Dina's life hangs in the balance

Once the diagnosis is given the fighting will begin. Previews show Graham telling his stepsister that she is a pathetic loser just like her father, and Ashley taking a swing at him. Mr. Bloodworth is kicking his step-sibling while both she and her mom are down. It's obvious that his bitterness over Brent Davis walking out on his mother when Graham was just a child is very strong.

For Graham and Ashley to continue fighting while Dina's life hangs in the balance is not becoming of either one of them. Jack's intervention is what will keep things from escalating further. Earlier spoilers indicated that somehow Mr. Bloodworth is going to spirit his companion away from Genoa City.

SInce he has her power of attorney, he might use that to move her to a different medical facility.

Graham is looking out for himself

Should Dina survive her medical crisis, she will eventually regain her memory. She will recall that Graham was arguing with her when she fell to the floor. Mr. Bloodworth naturally does not want that information to be made public, so this could be the reason he takes his companion out of town.

Even though he does seem to generally care for her, self-preservation is the first order of business and he will always look out for his own interests first.

Ashley is angry, embarrassed and hurt that everyone now knows John Abbot is not her biological father. She is not able to think straight and will need her family at her side.

At a time when her mother's well being is all that should be on her mind, Ms. Abbott simply cannot focus because of her shame. Jack has a level head, and spoilers indicate that he will try to find a way to have Graham deported from Genoa City. Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 12:30 p.m. for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."