Last week on "The Young and the Restless" Ashley and Graham had a brutal confrontation. During the celebration for her winning the Innovator of the Year Award, Ms. Abbott announced that Mr. Bloodworth was really Graham Davis and had grown up in Genoa City. She also accuses him of targeting her mother to gain her inheritance.

He countered by saying that Brent Davis was his stepfather but left the family to go back to Dina. At this point, Ms. Mergeron blurts out in front of everyone that Davis was Ashley's biological father. Now the oldest Abbot daughter's world is spiraling out of control.

According to Soap She Knows, things will get worse before it gets better.

Ashley may be headed for another breakdown

On Monday, Traci and Abby try to comfort Ashley but she is beyond consolation. She goes to "G.C. Buzz" looking for Hilary, no doubt to as her to not air footage of what happened at the Gala. Jack had already told his sister that Ms. Hamilton agreed to keep mum, but Ms. Abbott seems not to remember.

She leaves and heads for Dina's where she finds do not disturb notice on the door. She knocks and calls but her mother does not answer. Graham shows up and Ashley screams at him to use his key to let her in.

On Friday Mr. Bloodworth was arguing with Dina and this caused her to pass out on the floor.

He walked off and left her and on Monday was making plans to leave town. He has no choice but to unlock the door and watch his stepsister's shocked expression upon seeing her mother lying unconscious. Spoilers indicate Ashley and Graham will have yet another explosive confrontation. Dealing with one shock after another may lead her to have another breakdown.

Ashley physically assaults Graham

Soaps She Knows indicates things will get physical between the step siblings and previews for Monday confirm this to be true. It seems Graham will flip the script where his stepdad is concerned in order to get under Ashley's skin. During the gala, Mr. Bloodworth said that Brent Davis was a wonderful stepfather and he was angry Dina caused him to leave his family.

On Monday, he will tell his step-sibling that her dad was worthless and this will set her off. The preview for the next episode of "The Young and the Restless" shows Jack and Traci grabbing their sister and trying to restrain her after Ashey hits Graham and keeps swinging at him over and over again. Clearly, Ms. Abbott is out of control and needs a break, before she has a complete breakdown.