Dragon Ball Super” has just delivered the most clever but painful elimination of Universe 6 warrior Hit as he tried to fight off Jiren The Grey when the latter targeted him next. The assassin used his Time-Skip ability in an attempt to trap The Pride Trooper before he gathered energy for his ultimate attack. He was successful in doing so but then the muscular humanoid fighter managed to escape from the trap that froze him and launched his final assault against the assassin. The attack was so powerful it overwhelmed Hit that left him out of the battle arena, leading to his elimination.

Jiren was proud yet again and even said that no one’s left worth fighting – not even Goku.

Jiren eliminates Hit

During Dragon Ball Super” Episode 111, the rest of the fighters of Universe 6 as well as its gods can only watch as Hit was badly beaten. The assassin did try to use the last resort of attacking Jiren The Grey but it didn’t work when the Pride Trooper started tugging himself out of the trap. After Hit’s elimination, the muscular humanoid fighter spoke to his comrades and said that nobody’s left for him to fight. The warrior was apparently trying to insult Goku, who failed to beat him down during their battle in the previous two episodes.

Jiren thinks Goku is weak

“I leave the rest to you,” Jiren said and then stared at Goku for a long moment.

“The warriors I’m needed for are already gone.” It was pretty clear that the Pride Trooper gave the Saiyan fighter a low blow as if he wanted to tell him straight to his face that he is really weak. “You’re saying I’m not worth your while like this,” Goku told himself and looked disappointed but determined enough. Many fans reacted to the muscular humanoid fighter’s comments as if claiming that he is the strongest warrior in the tournament.

Fans react

On Twitter, fans responded to Jiren’s comments and some even created memes to express their annoyance over the Pride Trooper’s claims. Apparently, there are still a lot of fans rooting for Goku and believe that he will be the one to take down Jiren as soon as their next skirmish kicks off. Others though are impressed with the muscular humanoid fighter knowing that he easily eliminated Hit during their battle.

After all, we can’t blame some fans to get astounded with the power that Jiren showed off that even Goku failed to beat.

How do you feel when Jiren caused Goku lose a face when he said there is no one left to fight? Do you think that “Dragon Ball Super” will soon give the Saiyan warrior another chance to defeat the Pride Trooper?