On Thursday's edition of "The Young and the Restless," Ashley announces that Graham Bloodworth is really Graham Davis. He confirms that Brent Davis was his stepfather, who left a young Graham and his mother to go back to Dina. This revelation clearly upsets Ms. Mergeron and causes her to blurt out that Ashley is Brent's biological child. On Friday, all hell breaks loose with harsh accusations going back and forth between the step-siblings. Graham is forced to leave and Billy tells everyone else they need to go, Before they do, Neil calls for a toast to the woman of the hour, and Jack asks Hilary not to run the footage on her show.

By the end of the night, Mr. Bloodworth has left a vulnerable Ms. Mergeron in a situation where she may lose her life.

Graham had an agenda where Dina was concerned

Graham goes to Dina's apartment and expressed his anger that he and his mother suffered, while she lived the life of a wealthy Abbot. He says he and his mom were always moving and being evicted, even once sleeping out of their car. Mr. Bloodworth wanted Dina and her daughter to pay because he believes it's their fault his father figure was taken away.

Ms. Mergeron accuses her companion of only wanting her money. He tells her that he deserves it because of the type of life he lived, but insists he does care for her. Dina says she is calling her lawyer to change her will, and Graham snatches her cell phone from her hand.

As she begs him to give it back, she falls to the floor. Graham calls her name and checks her pulse, then walks away. It looks as if he may be dialing 911 but does not. Graham is going to leave his companion laying on the floor to die.

The fate of Dina hangs in the balance

Dina Mergeron's fate now hangs in the balance. As she is lying unconscientious, Jack is telling Ashley that their mother will remove Graham as heir to her vast fortune in the morning.

Unfortunately, morning may never come for Ms. Mergeron. Previews indicate that Mr. Bloodworth leaves her on the floor and puts a do not disturb sign on the outside doorknob.

Ashley is understandably furious with her mother, Traci and Abbey feel left out of the loop of family secrets.Jack just wants Graham far away from them all, and Billy is reeling from the knowledge that this new revelation indicates he and his sister actually are no relation at all. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 p.m. for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless."