There are several reasons why fans are looking forward to "The X-Files" Season 11. People are truly excited to see David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprise their roles as former FBI agents who deal with the paranormal. However, one thing that everyone is hoping to see is a proper conclusion to the shocking cliffhanger in the finale of last year's miniseries.

Unfortunately, it looks like fans will not be getting the satisfaction they need from the eleventh season of the Fox series. Creator Chris Carter has just revealed that Fox Mulder and Dana Scully will experience a "reset" when the show premieres next year.

This according to a report by Den of Geek.

Chris Carter announces a 'reset'

In the finale of the 2016 revival of "The X-Files", Fox Mulder has been infected and is close to death. Luckily, Dana Scully tells him that she has discovered a cure and is ready to help him so they can look for their son William together. This is when all hell breaks loose as an alien aircraft hovers above them.

The conclusion of the miniseries didn't rest well with fans, who believed they had to wait for "The X-Files" Season 11 to find out what happened to Mulder And Scully. However, Chris Carter has confirmed that the new season probably will not deal with the events from the previous one.

"When I wrote the season finale, I prudently imagined what the answer would be to the questions we set up so coming back, I really just got to do what I had anticipated and wanted to do," Carter told Den of Geek.

Unfortunately, he added that "there is a reset" in the upcoming season.

What is a 'reset' for this show?

The term "reset" is more than just a very safe way for Chris Carter to say he decided to forget about everything that happened in the revival. "The X-Files" has made use of this option several times in the past, especially in cases where Dana Scully has a close encounter with extraterrestrials.

This usually happens in mythology episodes that deal with aliens.

It might seem like Chris Carter has no interest in explaining what happened in the mini-series finale but some still believe the show is taking its time before answering certain questions. There is a possibility that the reset will only delay the explanation as "The X-Files" Season 11 gradually adds more mythology episodes.

What about Mulder and Scully's son?

One of the main concerns in the previous season was Mulder and Scully's son, William. After all, the boy was nowhere to be found when the aliens arrived. Although some fans are hoping William will turn out to be safe and sound in "The X-Files" Season 11, others believe he might have been abducted. Hopefully, the truth will be revealed when the series finally returns to Fox.